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Born to win? Do first borns have the most success?

We already know your upbringing can affect how you perform as a chief executive. But does it make a difference if you’ve got an older sibling?... Read more Dr Claudia Custodio | 30 October 2017

Why multitasking could be hurting your organisation: the importance of ‘being’ mindful

Mindfulness is a very important skill for all employees, especially leaders, to practice if they want to succeed in business... Read more Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi | 30 October 2017

Business must face facts: natural resources are running out

Natural resources are limited: corporate social responsibility can no longer just be a PR stunt.... Read more Dr Paolo Taticchi | 25 September 2017

Want to improve your results? Stop shouting, start listening

You don’t have to be domineering and bullish to be successful in business. Dr Ileana Stigliani explains how empathetic leadership can improve employee engagement and retention.... Read more Dr Ileana Stigliani | 31 July 2017

The highest form of flattery? What imitation in the America’s Cup can teach business

Decisions you make as a sailor racing in shifting and unpredictable conditions can help cast light on how businesses can deal with competition and uncertainty.... Read more Dr Jan-Michael Ross, Dr Dmitry Sharapov | 25 May 2017

How to rebuild your reputation after a scandal

Dr Yuri Mishina, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour/Strategy at Imperial College Business School, outlines the steps firms need to take to salvage a damaged reputation.... Read more Dr Yuri Mishina | 20 April 2017

Where are we going wrong with our networking?

Dr Anne ter Wal, Assistant Professor of Technology & Innovation Management, outlines the two most effective networking approaches for professional success.... Read more Dr Anne ter Wal | 29 March 2017

Are CEOs with general skills more innovative?

Dr Claudia Custodio, Associate Professor within the Department of Finance, highlights the importance of general managerial skills for innovation.... Read more Dr Claudia Custodio | 26 February 2017

How to get the best out of your advisory board

Professor George Yip highlights how best to work with an advisory board in an academic environment.... Read more Professor George Yip | 23 February 2017

Why does the next generation require a new corporate strategy?

Professor Nelson Phillips describes how there is a leadership shift occurring and explains what businesses need to do to address this.... Read more Professor Nelson Phillips | 16 February 2017