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Can the oil and gas majors transition to zero carbon?

A new approach to help investors find out if oil and gas companies are really prepared.... Read more Francis Shaw, Dr Charles Donovan | 2 November 2018

How to not sell out

How organisations can access unfamiliar markets and audiences by building “hybrid spaces”... Read more Prof Markus Perkmann, Prof Nelson Phillips | 4 July 2018

Get employees onside with a story

Design firm Alessi’s lauding of its own products holds an important lesson in how businesses can use stories... Read more Dr Elena Dalpiaz | 26 June 2018

Corporate partnerships: how deals can unite or alienate your employees

How your company’s partnerships make your employees feel... Read more Dr Christian Hampel | 21 May 2018

How to design contracts so they make people do what you want

How can you get people to honour their commitments? The smart way is to make a contract self-enforcing... Read more rkosova | 12 February 2018

R&D: when it does (and doesn’t) pay to invest

R&D is expensive and even the biggest names can get it wrong, but we've identified certain factors that can guide investment... Read more Dr Jan-Michael Ross | 22 January 2018

Born to win? Do first borns have the most success?

We already know your upbringing can affect how you perform as a chief executive. But does it make a difference if you’ve got an older sibling?... Read more Dr Claudia Custodio | 30 October 2017

Why multitasking could be hurting your organisation: the importance of ‘being’ mindful

Mindfulness is a very important skill for all employees, especially leaders, to practice if they want to succeed in business... Read more Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi | 30 October 2017

Business must face facts: natural resources are running out

Natural resources are limited: corporate social responsibility can no longer just be a PR stunt.... Read more Dr Paolo Taticchi | 25 September 2017

Want to improve your results? Stop shouting, start listening

You don’t have to be domineering and bullish to be successful in business. Dr Ileana Stigliani explains how empathetic leadership can improve employee engagement and retention.... Read more Dr Ileana Stigliani | 31 July 2017