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Gain an advantage by better understanding how technology drives innovation and disruption within business.

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Tidal power brings in more than just jobs and electricity

Innovative projects lead to the development of new designs, tools and thinking, which then drive innovation in disparate fields... Read more Dr Ralf Martin | 9 July 2018

The internet is killing voter turnout

In areas with greater broadband proliferation, councils are cutting funds to social services and reducing tax rates... Read more Prof Tommaso Valletti | 19 June 2018

Why big data can be dangerous

Data is the revolutionary tool of our age, but it is not the objective measure many think... Read more Prof Gilles Chemla | 3 May 2018

How artificial intelligence will affect bankers, lawyers and accountants

AI's effect on business has been a source of panic for decades. But this time it's different... Read more Dr Julio Amador | 19 March 2018

Facebook’s newsfeed changes won’t stop the spread of fake news

Facebook’s changes to its newsfeed will hurt smaller publishers while doing little to tackle fake news or the bubble effect... Read more Dr Catarina Sismeiro | 26 February 2018

How to spot fake news

We've all become very aware of fake news, but now key characteristics could help us automatically spot its purveyors... Read more Dr Julio Amador | 30 October 2017

Could Facebook and Google kill the news business?

Social media and search engines are having a big effect on how most people consume their news: more people are reading, but they’re reading less... Read more Dr Catarina Sismeiro | 30 October 2017

Welcome to the space/time continuum: the business school in the digital age

The technologies they use are changing but the role of business schools remains the same... Read more Prof Francisco Veloso | 30 October 2017

What can we learn from umbrellas? Why social data science matters

The patterns in which people in a crowd open their umbrellas tells us why social data science is important.... Read more Dr Mark Kennedy, Dr Sarah Otner | 18 September 2017

Loose lips build ships: Leaks and rumours are a part of the iPhone brand

The latest iPhone leak may seem like a disaster, but rumours and speculation are an important part of product development.... Read more Prof Nelson Phillips | 11 September 2017