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Centre for Climate Finance and Investment

What role for India in the global energy transition?

Demand growth for renewables provides ample opportunities for investment... Dr Charles Donovan, Navin Agarwal 26 June 2019

Flying blind in climate change investing

There is a lack of empirical evidence on the performance of low carbon infrastructure and clean tech... Raffaele Della Croce, James Hindle 8 April 2019

Lessons from the collapse at GE

Investors worried about carbon risks need to be looking at industries beyond coal, oil and gas... Chris Goodall, Dr Charles Donovan 29 January 2019

Infrastructure investing in an era of technological change

What infrastructure investors can learn from the mistakes of Charlotte Brontë... Simon Wilde | 17 December 2018

Can the oil and gas majors transition to zero carbon?

A new approach to help investors find out if oil and gas companies are really prepared.... Francis Shaw, Dr Charles Donovan 2 November 2018

The dangers of subsidy-free renewable energy

Exposing renewable energy producers to greater market risk may be both inefficient and counterproductive... Albina Stukalkina, Dr Charles Donovan 30 October 2018

Developing countries are paying twice for climate change

The countries most at risk from climate change are also paying a penalty in the bond markets... Dr Charles Donovan | 6 August 2018

Is this the end of fossil fuels?

The clean technology revolution will not be enough to save the global economy from serious climate change impacts. Companies must adapt to a new climate of risk.... Dr Charles Donovan | 21 August 2017

Climate change: what investors need to know

Dr Charles Donovan, Director of the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College Business School, warns investors to prepare for the effects of climate change on global finance.... Dr Charles Donovan | 16 February 2017