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Want to change people’s behaviour? Stop inspiring them

To get someone to quit smoking, give them achievable goals and put a smile on their face... Yuting Lin, Prof Andreas B Eisingerich 14 June 2018

Startups: minimise uncertainty by telling everyone your plans

New companies that want to displace the big boys need to make their business models clear... Dr Llewellyn D.W. Thomas | 6 June 2018

Does diversifying into a new market hurt your standing in an existing market?

Why good reviews can be bad news for business... Prof Markus Perkmann | 10 May 2018

How artificial intelligence will affect bankers, lawyers and accountants

AI's effect on business has been a source of panic for decades. But this time it's different... Dr Julio Amador | 19 March 2018

The rise of the intangible economy: how capitalism without capital is fostering inequality

As companies have come to invest more in intangible assets than tangible ones, it’s had a big effect on business models and social division... Prof Jonathan Haskel | 5 December 2017

Don’t cramp my style! Why people are more creative on their own time

R&D departments take note: your researchers really are more creative when their managers aren't watching... Dr Paola Criscuolo, Dr Anne ter Wal 30 October 2017

Blockchain will kill the traditional firm

Blockchain is not like previous technologies: it could entirely change what constitutes 'a business'.... Dr Catherine Mulligan | 16 October 2017

Business must face facts: natural resources are running out

Natural resources are limited: corporate social responsibility can no longer just be a PR stunt.... Dr Paolo Taticchi | 25 September 2017

Loose lips build ships: Leaks and rumours are a part of the iPhone brand

The latest iPhone leak may seem like a disaster, but rumours and speculation are an important part of product development.... Prof Nelson Phillips | 11 September 2017

Blockchain: a global supercomputer that only answers to code?

Dr. Andrei Kirilenko, Director of the Centre for Global Finance and Technology, highlights how object-oriented programming bypasses distrust.... Dr Andrei Kirilenko | 6 June 2017