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Climate change is the new big risk for business

Soon companies will have to make sense of how climate change will impact upon their businesses. How ready is yours?... Read more Dr Charles Donovan | 30 October 2017

How crowdfunding became a credible way to sound out your market

No longer just for bands looking to tour, or for startups lacking access to financing, crowdfunding has become a way to sound out the market for innovative businesses... Read more Dr Katrin Tinn, Prof Gilles Chemla | 30 October 2017

Born to win? Do first borns have the most success?

We already know your upbringing can affect how you perform as a chief executive. But does it make a difference if you’ve got an older sibling?... Read more Dr Claudia Custodio | 30 October 2017

How to spot fake news

We've all become very aware of fake news, but now key characteristics could help us automatically spot its purveyors... Read more Dr Julio Amador | 30 October 2017

Could Facebook and Google kill the news business?

Social media and search engines are having a big effect on how most people consume their news: more people are reading, but they’re reading less... Read more Dr Catarina Sismeiro | 30 October 2017

Why multitasking could be hurting your organisation: the importance of “being” mindful

Mindfulness is a very important skill for all employees, especially leaders, to practice if they want to succeed in business... Read more Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi | 30 October 2017

Don’t cramp my style! Why people are more creative on their own time

R&D departments take note: your researchers really are more creative when their managers aren't watching... Read more Dr Paola Criscuolo, Dr Anne ter Wal | 30 October 2017

Welcome to the space/time continuum: the business school in the digital age

The technologies they use are changing but the role of business schools remains the same... Read more Prof Francisco Veloso | 30 October 2017

Is there a cure for inequality in drug innovation?

Our research reveals the true nature and magnitude of the mismatch between drug innovation and global unmet health needs ... Read more Dr Eliana Barrenho | 30 October 2017

Let’s share our likes together: why novelty and diversity are the new keys to marketing

People tire of experiences quicker if they are shared with others. With social media meaning more of our experiences are shared, that raises some major questions for advertisers... Read more Dr Rajesh Bhargave | 30 October 2017