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Can we build a culture of innovation in healthcare?

Dr Marisa Miraldo, Associate Professor in Health Economics at Imperial College Business School, discusses ways to accelerate innovation in healthcare for the benefit of patients, healthcare providers, and industry.... Read more
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Why are managers throwing away their best innovations?

Dr Criscuolo discovers the key to ensuring a strong panel for assessing R&D cases, explaining the three factors to consider... Read more Dr Paola Criscuolo | 28 February 2017

Can an app be win-win for energy companies, customers and the climate?

Dr Mirabelle Muûls explains that we need to understand the drivers of energy consumption before we can reduce it.... Read more Dr Mirabelle Muûls | 28 February 2017

Cybersecurity: cornerstone of the digital economy

Dr Catherine Mulligan, Research Fellow, highlights effective and manageable cybersecurity in an age of cyber attacks.... Read more Dr Catherine Mulligan | 27 February 2017

Artificial intelligence is changing the face of finance

Dr Marcin Kacperczyk, Professor of Finance, highlights the possibilities and challenges of AI technology in the finance industry.... Read more Professor Marcin Kacperczyk | 27 February 2017

Are CEOs with general skills more innovative?

Dr Claudia Custodio, Associate Professor within the Department of Finance, highlights the importance of general managerial skills for innovation.... Read more Dr Claudia Custodio | 26 February 2017

Can big data predict the outcome of major political events?

Dr Julio Amador, Research Associate at Imperial College Business School, looks at how big data was used to monitor people’s behaviour online in reaction to Brexit and the US election.... Read more Dr Julio Amador | 25 February 2017

Could houses become like jets: too expensive to own?

David Miles, Professor of Financial Economics at Imperial College Business School, examines rising house prices relative to average household incomes, and highlights why home ownership may eventually become unsustainable for... Read more Professor David Miles | 24 February 2017

Design thinking is the key to successful innovation

Businesses need to empathise with their customers or else risk failure, says Dr Ileana Stigliani, Assistant Professor of Design and Innovation.... Read more Dr Ileana Stigliani | 17 February 2017

Can online learning save jobs in an age of automation?

Dr David Lefevre and Bhav Radia from Imperial College Business School's Edtech Lab explain why organisations need to encourage a culture of lifelong learning.... Read more David Lefevre | 16 February 2017