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Between 17 and 28 July 2017, we welcomed the 2016-18 cohort of MBA candidates from BML Munjal University (BMU) to Imperial College London to take part in an intensive two week summer school – the BMU Summer School 2017.

We spoke to Aishwarya Bhatia (MBA candidate, BMU) who kindly agreed to take part in a Q&A session for us.

Q) What were you most looking forward to about the BMU Summer School Programme?

A) I was really excited to be a part of BMU Summer School at Imperial College London because one of the biggest key strengths of BMU is the tie up with Imperial College London. My visit to Imperial College London was my first international trip. I was really curious to explore the culture abroad and international education system. I wanted to see if I can adapt to the exposure that I will be getting in 2 weeks in London. I wanted to out myself, being in a different country amongst students in a different teaching environment which was out of my comfort zone. I am really glad to have taken this opportunity of visiting Imperial College London, as these are memories that will stay close to my heart.

Q) What were you hoping to learn about?

A) Time Management: considering the fact the given opportunity at Imperial College London was only for 2 weeks, I had to cope with the lessons taught in the class, home assignments and exploring London as well. It was definitely not easy but I am glad I could make it through and successfully complete my BMU Summer School.

Networking: I met an excellent bunch of faculty at Imperial, who were not just my teachers teaching me lessons but they also inspired us to believe in ourselves. One of my favorite experiences at Imperial was meeting the Alumni who shared their MBA life journey at Imperial and how each one of them are doing so good for themselves in life which motivated me to stay focused in the University to achieve my goals.

To get the right exposure: I love to explore new cities and meet new people that will enhance my confidence and also will help me in career development.

Q) What was your favourite aspect of BMU Summer School Programme?

A) Faculty: They made the sessions very interactive and also motivated each one of us to bring out the best in us. They give feedback in positive and constructive ways.

Infrastructure: World-class infrastructure and the hostel dorms which were provided to us for our comfortable stay was really wonderful. The food at YMCA was amazing and I always looked forward to have meal at YMCA.

Winning the best female performer amongst my peers really made my BMU Summer School worthwhile and it will be my most favorite memory to cherish all my life.

Q) Were there any aspects you think could have been improved upon?

A) Food: There could have been more options available for vegetarians students attending Imperial as the food which was covered under the food coupons were not relished by most of us and the taste of the food could be improved upon.

External Tour: The tour guide for the first tour at Silicon Roundabout Valley, Old Street taken was not enjoyed by students, maybe a better instructor could do a better job.

Q) Would you recommend the BMU Summer School to other MBA Candidates?

A) Yes, I would definitely recommend my junior batch to visit Imperial as it was the lifetime experience and opportunity. I enjoyed every bit of my BMU Summer School experience, I thoroughly enjoyed my lectures at Imperial because the lectures were so interactive as well as delivered practical learning experience.

Q) How have you found London?

A) • Clean City
• Civilized people
• Friendly environment
• Disciplined City
• Strict rules and regulations
• Safe for visitors
• Dream destination to travel

Q) What do you intend on doing after completing your MBA?

A) I would like to work in an organization and gain some experience in the HR or Marketing Department for a while before I complete my higher education and would like to pursue my PhD course from Imperial College London most probably.