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Between 11 and 22 July 2016, we welcomed the 2015-17 cohort of MBA candidates from BML Munjal University (BMU) to Imperial College London to take part in an intensive two week summer school – the BMU Summer School 2016.

We spoke to Ponnuru Karteek (MBA candidate, BMU) who kindly agreed to take part in a Q&A session for us.

Q) What were you most looking forward to about the BMU Summer School programme?

A) Okay, to be honest I was the most excited one to hear that we could go to Imperial College for studying and our seniors ( the first batch of students ) were actually back from Imperial once we went to college so the stories and the experiences they shared were really positive and this created a lot of hype amongst us. Personally, I was looking for an overall experience to be frank..! Well, to give details about this I was looking for one course in particular and it’s Management of Design. This subject in particular has every aspect of management blend into it. So, I was looking for an overall experience which would enable me with the skills so that I can stand out of the crowd back home..!

Q) What were you hoping to learn about?

A) Like I have written in my previous answer the curriculum at Imperial had a good blend of subjects which were at the core of Management and Business like Digital Marketing , Management of Design and Business Models and also courses that help in shaping our personality like Leadership. So, one thing was obvious before we came to Imperial, it was clear that we would learning something really different.

Q) What was your favourite aspect of the BMU Summer School programme?

A) Ah..! indeed a hard question to answer. Well, I really liked every aspect of it right from the class rooms to the faculty, their methodology and pedagogy of teaching and to the short coffee breaks we had.  A special mention of the Belgium Chocolate cookies is a must here ! Personally, to pick one I really liked the way the course was delivered to us. It was a mix of hands on learning and theory so you could apply the concepts thought in the class right away and the result, you get to remember every aspect you have been thought. This was something really different from the class room learning we generally have back in India.

Q) Were there any aspects you think could have been improved upon?

A) Well, I really liked the Summer School Program but it would be nice if the duration of the course could be for a more time than two weeks. It would give students to understand and retain the concepts in a little slower pace but also would give them time to experience the wonderful city the college is in.

Q) Would you recommend the BMU Summer School to other MBA candidates?

A) Absolutely, this goes without saying. It’s an experience worth sharing

Q) How have you found London?

A) London’s an amazing place. Londoners are amazing people and the cities culture they have built up is just awesome. The city is a mix of both past and the future. The city is just amazing. I loved the Buckingham Place, the gardens around it, London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s were a great experience and Oxford Street was the second home for many of us. London’s cosmopolitan culture has made it a great place to visit. You can actually find different cuisines on the same street and everything crowded, it just shows how well Londoners accept and respect the culture of the others. The tubes are an amazing way of commutation, they did make our travel comfortable and faster (cheaper too).

Q) What do you intend on doing after completing your MBA?

A) I really would like to join a good reputed firm as an business analyst and later on would like to start my own data visualization firm and then have the pages of my passport stamped by going on a long world tour.