The Community

Whilst part of the Imperial community you will build your network, enhance your leadership and team-building skills, build resilience and have fun through a range of activities in our vibrant and diverse community. We are a truly global business school with 87 countries represented in the 2016-17 cohort.

That network expands when you graduate and you will have access to alumni based in over 150 countries, with regular events organised worldwide. Our alumni network is a vibrant community and you’ll be part of a network with links to several key business sectors. You will gain lifelong access to leading business people, thinkers and decision makers across all industries.

Sport Imperial

Imperial College is a top sporting university and whether you are looking to introduce a bit of exercise into your daily routine, want to join a club sport or are competing at a national or international level, Sport Imperial can help you to achieve your goals.

Students get free access to Ethos, Imperial’s state-of-the-art facilities in South Kensington, with access to a gym, 25 metre swimming pool, 9 metre climbing wall and air-conditioned exercise studio.

Focusing on fitness and wellbeing alongside your studies is a fantastic way to meet other students across the College, work as a team and enjoy competition, as well as establishing a balanced lifestyle that will help you to become a resilient leader throughout your career.

Impetus, the Sport Imperial Recreational sports programme, is a fun and easy way to embed sport and fitness in your routine, offering one-off taster sessions, weekly drop-in sessions and intermural leagues and a football five-a-side league for staff and students.

Sport Imperial also runs exciting initiatives throughout the year, such as Imperial Girls Can, Healthy Living Week and the Go Fit Challenge! All events offer free taster sessions, one off competitions, advice, new challenges and an opportunity to engage with the Imperial College community.

Student-led Clubs and Societies

Imperial College Union has over 340 clubs, societies & projects which are all student-led and student-run. This is one of largest varieties of student-led activities at a university in the UK and Imperial College Union is immensely proud of this. There are opportunities to join sporting clubs, such as Imperial’s highly successful Boat Club, on a competitive or social basis. Sign up for one of the societies which cover several activities, such as debating or choir, or cultural groups, such as the Hindu Society. Alternatively, students can join projects, student-led initiatives that provide support to the community, including Project Nepal. The Give it a Go programme is an exciting way to try something new, meet new people and discover the huge variety of opportunities available.

Business School Career Clubs

The Careers & Professional Development Service supports a number of student-led Business School Career Clubs, which aim to bring together students with similar areas of career interest and/or professional backgrounds. The Business School Career Clubs are:

  • Africa Business Club

  • Asia Business Club

  • BioPharma and Healthcare Club

  • Business School Consulting Club

  • Entrepreneurship Club

  • Marketing and Digital Society

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Club

Companies that have presented at Club events recently include: McKinsey, EY, Salesforce, Microsoft and Google.

The clubs run events that give opportunities to meet other Business School students with similar interests, learn from and network with alumni and other professionals, build links with relevant employers in the sector and learn more about roles available and the skills needed in the industry.

Student-led conference

To complement the activities of the Career Clubs, Business School students run an annual student-led conference each year with a different take on the theme of the Fusion of Business and Technology. The first conference was held last year and the theme was “Big Data – Destination Unknown?”. The theme of the 2017 student-led conference was Game Changers: an event about business, innovation, and sport. The student committee leads on all aspects of the conference including programming, speaker liaison, marketing and event logistics.


Imperial College Business School students have access to a wide range of events across the Business School and College: from guest speakers, workshops and seminars to festivals, performances and social events.

Student social events are an integral and fun part of campus life. In addition to events during induction, such as the school-wide quiz, our social activities leaders work together across programmes to organise two Business School-wide social events: a talent show in February and a sport event in the summer term. The Students’ Union also run a range of social events for the Imperial College community, such as postgraduate socials, the College summer ball and regular theme nights, such as wine-tasting and quiz nights, at the postgraduate bar.

Hear from inspirational guest speakers at the Business School speaker series and Imperial College public lectures, or attend exhibitions, concerts and creative workshops with Imperial music and arts.

Explore the unexpected side of science at Imperial Fringe events throughout the year and see the very best in science and arts at the annual Imperial Festival, which features interactive activities, tours, inspirational talks, performances and engaging workshops. This is a great opportunity to learn about ground-breaking research from international experts in departments including Mechanical Engineering and Materials.

Deans’ Student Advisory Council

At Imperial College Business School there are a range of leadership opportunities through which you can work in partnership with us to have a valuable impact on your programme, across the Business School community and on Imperial College.

The Deans’ Student Advisory Council brings together representatives of the 1400 students across the Business School to work in partnership with the senior leadership of the Business School to look at the impact they can have on the student community and on society. The Council consists of the Staff-Student Committee Chairs of each programme along with the Academic and Welfare Officer for the Business School, which is an Imperial College Union role and a key link between the Business School and the Graduate Students’ Union. The Council works together to identify common challenges and opportunities across programmes and establish priorities, to lead school-wide innovation and to integrate the Business School student body in order to build a strong, cohesive community.

Student leaders across Careers Clubs, the Deans’ Student Advisory Council, Student Ambassadors, and organisers of the student-led conference attend the Student Leadership Day at the beginning of the academic year. Student leaders work to improve all aspects of the student experience and organise a broad portfolio of events across the year including talks, networking events, conferences and social events. On the leadership day, they get interactive leadership training and receive training on the overall mission of the School to have a positive impact on each other and society.

“The Deans’ Student Advisory Council brings together a diverse group of individuals with a common goal: to improve student experience at Imperial College Business School. The DSAC provides a platform for all programmes to be represented, collaboration on Business School wide projects, and a sense of community in achieving goals for the greater good. I have thoroughly enjoyed leading this dynamic group; being constantly challenged on not only ideas that I bring to the table but also in working with very enthusiastic individuals with different skills and qualities to myself has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my time at Imperial thus far.”
Mobeen Iqbal
PhD student and current DSAC Chair
Mobeen Iqbal
“I am the President of the Women in Business Society, which I find very rewarding. It’s useful that we come from so many different programmes because we can all help each other when someone else on the committee is busy with work or job applications. We are just girls becoming friends really and helping each other grow.”
Maeva Montagnier
MSc Finance and President of the Women in Business
Maeva Montagnier