Student Leadership Opportunities

Student leadership opportunities

Student leadership positions and student-led activity is an integral part of the culture at the Business School. We support you to drive activity, build networks, develop partnerships, influence decisions and determine change.

As a Business School student, you shape your student community. Our role is to create the right conditions to help you do so successfully.

The School has a variety of leadership positions that we encourage you to apply for. These targeted roles and initiatives help you develop and hone your skills as a strong leader through experience. They offer you the opportunity to build wider networks with other students and stakeholders and prepare you for your future career.

I would like to affect change within my programme and build close relationships with students and staff.

The Student Staff Committee (SSC) is an advisory committee who facilitate communications between staff and students within programmes to identify and resolve important areas of general concern. You can apply as a leader to represent the academic delivery, social activity or careers support available to you and your cohort.

I would like to represent the voice of all students at a senior level, drive forward the strategic themes on behalf of the Business School, and develop and implement new projects.

The Dean’s Student Advisory Council is an elected group of students, mainly from the SSC representatives, who are responsible for working directly with the Dean, Professor Francisco Veloso and the Vice Dean, Leila Guerra to enhance the overall student experience and to drive forward the School’s mission.

I would like to build my networks with students who share my professional interests.

The student-led career clubs, regional clubs and enterprise clubs bring together students with similar areas of career interest. As a club leader, you will design and lead an annual programme of career-specific activity for your student community. The clubs host a variety of events throughout the year to support networking with students across programmes, with Imperial College Business School alumni, professionals and employers, and to gain fresh insights into a variety of sectors.

I would like to be an ambassador for the School and its global brand by communicating with the wider community of future students and global alumni network in person and online.

As a Student Ambassador you will engage with prospective students via online platforms, at events and in meetings. You will provide a genuine student insight to their programme of choice. Your profile will be featured in the marketing for the Business School, highlighting your experiences and choices.

Your alumni community are your global network for life. In the role of Alumni Ambassador, you will work closely with the Alumni Relations team to raise the profile of the alumni network with your cohort, develop new ways to engage with alumni and continue to support the team after you graduate.

I would like to find out more and apply.

The applications for the Student Staff Committee roles, Club President and Vice President, and Student Ambassador roles are open until Wednesday, 16 September 9.00 (BST):

To view the job descriptions and apply, please visit:

Still unsure whether the Student Leadership roles are for you? Contact the Student Experience Team at if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss any roles.

The greatest opportunity for me was the opportunity to take on several leadership positions. As a student ambassador, I developed communication strength and gave presentations to prospective students, both in person and at webinars, along with helping incoming offerees through online applications and meeting many of them for coffee. I have not only learned a lot about myself but have grown as a person and as a future hopeful entrepreneur, I feel confident that I can work well in a pressured environment.
Presiyana Karastoyanova
I had the opportunity to serve as the Chair of the MSc International Management Student Staff Committee (SSC), which includes an appointment to the Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC). Working alongside these two bodies, I have had the opportunity to shape the learning experience for not only our cohort, but also the broader Business School. This has been a particularly humbling experience as the SSC and DSAC have served an integral role in helping the School adjust to the unprecedented transition to remote learning wrought by COVID-19.
MSc International Management
Austin Allaire, MSc International Management 2019-20, student at Imperial College Business School
Becoming a Careers Club President gave me the opportunity to put on exciting events to learn about entrepreneurship, expand my leadership skills, create a vast network of individuals from around the world, and find my future co-founders.
Full-Time MBA
Rhea Singhla Full-Time MBA