Who are we?

Are you interested in starting your own business? Joining a startup? Leading a family business? Have an idea you’re not sure how to pursue further? Just want to learn about what innovation is? Then the Imperial College Business School Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club is for you! We are a new student-led club for anyone with an interest in cultivating their innovative & entrepreneurial spirit. Through community-driven initiatives we foster networking events, peer to peer development, learning opportunities and provide an informal platform to discuss your innovative ideas. Join us to get access to exclusive member events & be part of a dynamic group of students!

What is our Mission?

We aim to provide our members with access, resources, and mentorship to cultivate their interests in innovation to transform them into the future entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

What is in it for you?

Imperial College Business School students:

  • Network with startups, founders, members, alumni and many more from relevant areas of interest
  • Pitch your ideas and get expert advice in collaboration with Imperial’s Enterprise Lab
  • Learn the tools you will need to start your own business or to join a startup
  • Gain insights of best practices from the startup world and established firms
  • Learn how to apply innovative mindsets & frameworks to any business
  • Build your entrepreneurial awareness
  • Meet and socialise with like-minded members of the club
  • Access to member exclusive events