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Meet the Career & Professional Development Service


Welcome to the Career & Professional Development Service. We are a dedicated team for Imperial College Business School responsible for career and professional development support for our suite of Masters and MBA programmes. We are involved in the end to end student journey. Our remit is to get the right students onto the programmes, help them get great jobs and succeed in their careers as engaged ambassadors of the school. We look forward to working with you over the course of your programme and beyond and hope you enjoy the journey.

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Careers Coordinators Team

Yashir Atewala <br /> Careers Coordinator
Yashir Atewala
Careers Coordinator

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Careers Information Team

Mark Morris <br />Careers Information Team Manager
Mark Morris
Careers Information Team Manager

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Nathaniel Ayres <br />Careers Information Advisor
Nathaniel Ayres
Careers Information Advisor

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Careers Consultants

Eli Lefterova <br /> Career Consultant
Eli Lefterova
Career Consultant

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Jessie Zhu <br /> Career Consultant
Jessie Zhu
Career Consultant

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Emma Cooper <br /> Career Consultant
Emma Cooper
Career Consultant

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Danie Tatton <br /> Career Consultant
Danie Tatton
Career Consultant

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Andreia Ferreira <br /> Career Consultant
Andreia Ferreira
Career Consultant

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Jenny Roberts <br /> Career Consultant
Jenny Roberts
Career Consultant

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Holly Crane <br /> Career Consultant
Holly Crane
Career Consultant

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Ayo Adegbiji <br /> Career Consultant
Ayo Adegbiji
Career Consultant

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Zaneta Motkowicz <br /> Careers Consultant
Zaneta Motkowicz
Careers Consultant

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Ceri  Willmott <br /> Career Consultant
Ceri Willmott
Career Consultant

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Sarmini Ghosh <br /> Career Consultant
Sarmini Ghosh
Career Consultant

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Chloe Baker <br /> Career Consultant
Chloe Baker
Career Consultant

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Employer Relations Team

Sodrul Hussain <br /> Employer Relations Executive
Sodrul Hussain
Employer Relations Executive

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Nadia Segade <br /> Employer Relations Executive
Nadia Segade
Employer Relations Executive

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Toby Emmerson <br /> Employer Relations Executive
Toby Emmerson
Employer Relations Executive

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