Exploring Options

Aligning a career path to yourself

There are a number of different career options open to you post MBA or MSc.  Your goal is to find the career path most closely aligned to your own individual goals, skills, interests and motivators.

Matching questionnaires

There are a number of different resources open to you to help match your skills and background to different role types. Please note that these should be used as a starting point only for research to give you some initial ideas to explore further.

Researching different industries and roles


Exploring job descriptions

Take a look at some different job descriptions in the area you’re interested in. How much of the position’s criteria do you match? Is it at least 70%? What aspects of the role would you really love to do? Which bits wouldn’t you like?

Networking and Informational Interviewing

The best way to find out if options are right for you is to speak to people who have done, or are currently doing the job. Can you find someone who used to work for that company? Can you find someone who works in a similar role? Does Imperial have alumni working in that area? There are a lot of tools available to you, such as connecting to the Business School alumni group on LinkedIn.

Once you have explored the different career options available, and looked at how these fit with your own personal self-assessment, we would encourage you to book a one-to-one with a Careers Consultant to discuss this further.