Case Study Interviews

Think fast, Think clear……

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A case study interview is the analysis of a business question. These are most often directly related to the position you are applying for.

Case studies are used to test whether you have:

  • the ability to think on your feet
  • problem solving skills
  • the ability to synthesise information and work with the facts provided
  • an understanding of business issues
  • numerical and verbal skills
  • communication skills

Types of case interview

  • Case studies that you prepare in advance and then discuss with the interviewer. Here you are normally given a pack of information prior to the interview and given time to prepare your case (usually around 30 minutes).
  • Case studies where the interviewer acts in a role play with you and you work through the case study together. Here the interviewer supplies you with the information you need to solve the case – they may volunteer this information as you work through the case, but often you need to ask sensible and relevant questions to extract this information.

Online and hard copy resources

WetFeet and Vault (accessible through our e-resources page) both provide downloadable guides on interviews. Look out for the Ace Your Case series from WetFeet and Vault’s Guide to the Case Interview and the Case Interview Practice Guide. Note: You will need to log-in with your Imperial username and password to access these resources.

The Career Service also hold Marc Cosentino’s Case in Point and David Ohrvall’s Crack the Case books. They are reference books kept at the Careers Reception. We also hold licences to the online version of Case in Point, find more details under Case Questions Interactive on our e-resources page.


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Case Study Interview Factsheet
Case Study Interview Factsheet

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