Psychometric and e-Tray Tests

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Selection tests can be used by employers in the recruitment process to measure your ability (such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning or diagrammatic reasoning) or personality to gauge your suitability for the position.

Psychometric Success provide some general background information on psychometric tests, what they test and how they are structured.

Below are links to online practice tests and also see the assessment centre page for more general information.

Online practice tests


Certain psychometric publishers and trainers, as well as employers who assess candidates using psychometric testing, make sample questions and tests available online. Please note that some websites charge for the tests, but all the links below also have free tests available.

  • Job Test Prep – online practice psychometric testing and more
  • Assessment Day – online practice aptitude tests
  • Career Gym – online psychometric practice tests
  • Practice Aptitude Tests – online practice tests for job applicants and graduates
  • Psychometric Success– information and examples of different types of psychometric and aptitude tests
  • SHL practice tests – SHL design tests that are widely used by employers as part of the selection process. The website includes information about the tests, tips on coping with the tests, and offer practice for verbal and numerical reasoning questions.
  • Kenexa – PSL practice tests
  • Saville Consulting – preparation guides on a range of aptitude tests and practice questions
  • Situational judgement test – examples and tips from Wikijob
  • University of Kent – links to example numerical and verbal tests

Companies often have online practice test questions, check the website of the company that you are applying to. Some examples are given below:

iOS Apps

  • Assessment Wiz – really good tests with additional tests available to purchase
  • Jobs Gear – fantastic tips sections on quicker calculations, Accurate and quicker reading, Time management during a test and Multiple choice questions


Careers Resources

Reference books on psychometric testing are available to consult in the Careers office. Ask the Careers Reception (Library, Level 2, South Kensington Campus) for more information.