Who Am I?

You are unique.  The career path that is right for you is just as unique.

Careers stand Out

As you look around your cohort you will see that you are surrounded by bright, intelligent, motivated people, but you are unique. By exploring who you are as an individual you are ensuring that you start your career as focused as possible on what is the right direction for you.

Exploring self-awareness

1) Complete the Foundations for Career Success online modules on The Hub. This module will help you to understand what your key interests are, what you are motivated by and what your skill set is. For MSc students, this is a compulsory module in order to access the full range of services from Careers.

2) Attend Careers workshops on your Career Strategy and self-awareness.

3) Complete psychometric profilers to find out more about your personality:

  • Check out some of the free personality inventories online such as the Five Factor Personality Test or once you have completed your pre-sessional materials, you will have access to a range of online psychometric tools to try out