Doctoral 2018

Why did you choose to do your PhD at Imperial College Business School?

I was puzzled by a research question, how to design a self-learning investment algorithm, when I was doing machine learning research. I believed that I should get a formal research training in finance to solve it. I chose Imperial due to its reputation and world-renowned faculty in finance research.

How do you view your experience of studying at Imperial since you left?

Imperial offered me comprehensive research training and gave me insights into the real, business-side of financial industry. Furthermore, it also provided me the invaluable people-network for which I can tap into to grow my business.

How did you find living in London?

London has awful weather! However, when it is sunny, it is the best place in the world.

Career & professional development

How do you use the skills and knowledge you gained during your time at the Business School and how will this continue?

A sustainable business requires a continuous commitment to research and innovation. Imperial College Business School provided me with a solid foundation in cross-domain analytical skills and research skills. In future, I would like to collaborate with more academics on solving research problems coming from our business.

What do you enjoy most about your current business and what are the main challenges that you face?

The most exciting part of my current work is the process of discovering practical research questions and then finding solutions. The greatest challenge is to come up with a story to explain the technical details of products. We have to convince customers that our technology works and show them why it works.

The alumni network

In what way is remaining connected to your alumni network important to you?

I believe it is important to remain connected to the alumni network. The alumni community gives me a way to keep in touch with fellows. Meanwhile, it also provides invaluable people network for research and business.

Advice for future students

What advice would you give to a prospective PhD student?

Imperial is a world-class research institution and there is enormous resource for PhD students doing research. For a new PhD student, you can keep up with all the changes in your research area by attending talks and seminars, given by well-known academics all over the world. Besides, remember to share your ideas with your fellow PhD students and faculty members because innovation starts from discussion and collaboration.

Doctoral 2018
Undergraduate education :

MSc Mathematical Finance, University of York, UK

Job prior to Imperial College Business School :

Research in Machine Learning at University College London

Job after studying at Imperial College Business School :

Co-founder and CEO at Arraystream Technologies Limited

Next steps