Xianghe Kong

Why did you choose to undertake a Doctoral degree and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

I chose the PhD programme at Imperial College Business School in order to achieve my career goal of being an expert in finance. I found the programme to be an efficient approach to learning cutting-edge knowledge and to building up expertise in the finance field. The PhD programme at Imperial College Business School has particularly strong connections with both top academic researchers and industry practitioners and therefore provides a perfect platform to develop high-quality research and gain practical experience.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering joining the Business School’s Doctoral programme?

The Doctoral programme can provide you with great opportunities for both academic and professional careers. I have seen many of my PhD colleagues join top academic institutions, investment banks and central banks.

However, prospective students need to be aware that PhD life is not easy! You should be prepared to be challenged through your PhD study, striving to understand the theory in-depth while constantly challenging yourself with rigorous methodologies and new ideas.

How has the Business School helped develop your career?

I joined Deutsche Bank after graduating from the Business School Whilst looking for a job, I received strong support from my supervisors and other academics in the Finance Group who kindly recommended me to their contacts in the industry. I am delighted with the job I secured and I am very appreciative of the support of those at the Business School for helping to make it happen.

How did you benefit from the services provided by the Business School’s Career and Professional Development Services Team?

I attended a mock interview with my careers coach who gave me useful advice on my CV and interview skills. The help I received on how to approach competency-based interview questions was especially helpful.

Doctoral 2010
Undergraduate :

Jilin University

Current employment :

Deutsche Bank, Research Associate