Engin Iyidogan
Engin Iyidogan is a Doctoral student in the Department of Finance at Imperial College Business School.

Why did you decide to study the Doctoral programme at Imperial College Business School and what makes this programme unique?

The stimulating academic environment of Imperial College Business School was the most vital factor in my decision. High interaction with the distinguished faculty and high calibre research opportunities had a positive role in shaping my final choice as Imperial College Business School.

What is your previous work experience and how did this prepare you for the programme?

My summer internship at CERN is my only work experience related to academic. It broadens my vision on academic research and help me to adapt competitive academic environment.

What aspect/s of the Doctoral programme have been the most rewarding?

I begin to learn how to combine my academic knowledge with real world applications in the Doctoral programme. High interaction with professors from different backgrounds is also very useful to create a bridge between various ideas.

What aspect/s of the Doctoral programme have been the most challenging?

Focusing on finding a novel idea and stepping into the new areas are really challenging aspects of the Doctoral programme as a new doctoral student.

What seminars, events or guest lectures at the school that have been useful in developing your skills and knowledge?

Executive education seminars and especially guest lectures given by distinguished speakers have a positive impact on improving my interpersonal skills in an academic environment. Seminars cover topics from various areas also enable me to broaden my perspective.

How would you describe the community at Imperial? 

From students to staff, every single person is so friendly and welcoming. They are also dedicated to their work so you can be sure that people do their best.

Have you had any unexpected changes to the development of your research? How has this affected your experience?

I changed topic in my research so I had to learn new topics. At first, it had both a challenging and negative impact on my motivation. After, I realised that I have learned many new topics and had boosted my knowledge for other research.

What are your future career plans and how has the programme helped you develop these?

I would like to work as an academic researcher in one of the respectable universities. Having decided that I will engage in the pursuit of a career in research, I am fully aware of the kind of dedication, resilience and resolve that it calls for. Imperial College Business School Doctoral programme helped me meet the criteria for my future plans.

What area of London do you live in and why did you choose to live there?

I am living in Kensington and the main reason of choosing this area was its closeness to university.

As an international student, what have been the benefits in regards to studying in London?

London is a great city for international students because you have a chance to experience many cultures in one city. For me London is very well organised and surely less populated in comparison to Istanbul.

PhD student at Imperial College London
Institute and subject studied for Undergraduate degree :

MA Economics, BSc Electrical and Electronics engineering

Work history :

My summer internship at CERN is my only work experience related to academic. It broadened my vision on academic research and helped me to adapt to a competitive academic environment.

Greatest academic, professional or personal awards/achievements :

International Mathematics Olympiad Bronze Medal; ranked in top 100 students in high school and university placement examinations among 1.5m students and ranked 1st in graduate placement exam