Economics & Public Policy

Economics & Public Policy 

The research areas of Economics, Health Economics and Policy sit within the Department of Economics and Public Policy. The department investigates a diverse range of topics including: the effect of government climate change policies on business; the contribution of knowledge assets to economic growth; determining fairness and value in the telecommunications industry; and how to improve the quality of service in the public sector. 

The department welcomes applicants from a wide variety of academic disciplines who are united by a desire to conduct innovative quantitative or qualitative research that aims to inform policy and practice at global, national and local levels. PhD students have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty whose projects engage a range of different industries as well as researchers from across Imperial.

Research areas

The department has a particular focus in health economics and policy, studying incentives for individuals and health organisations. The research interests of the Faculty are broad, with expertise in effects of innovation and globalisation, information systems in healthcare delivery, technologies on healthcare practice, economic analysis of energy systems, sustainable energy business and economics of climate change.  Our projects engage a range of different industries as well as researchers from across Imperial College London.  Faculty and doctoral students use analytical methods from health economics, health policy analysis, technology and innovation management, organisational behaviour and management information systems. 

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Research Centres and Partnerships

The Department of Economics and Public Policy has close links with a number of research centres within the School.  Specifically Health Economics & Policy Innovation, focussing on the incentives that drive productivity, innovation and health-related behaviours, and factors that determine the success of health policies designed and implemented by governments.  Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation, linking innovation and entrepreneurship in companies and institutions globally, through thought leadership, research, technology and next-generation innovation models.  Climate Finance and Investment, works to unlock solutions within capital markets to address the challenges posed by global climate change.

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Doctoral Theses in Economics and Public Policy 


Name Thesis title Supervisor(s)
Vitali Avagyan Essays on risk and profitability in the Future British Electricity Industry Professor Richard Green, Professor Berc Rustem
Tariq Bin Hendi UAE Immigration Policies and Labour Nationalization Quotas: Impact on Wage and Employment Professor Jonathan Haskel, Professor Walter Distaso
Paola Boscolo Chio Bisto Revisiting the Innovation Journey. Organizational, Technology and Policy Perspectives on Complex Innovations Professor James Barlow, Professor Nelson Phillips
Ed Fram Patient Information Provision and Involvement of Patients by Stroke Professionals: Implications for the Patient-provider Relationship Professor James Barlow, Dr Steffen Bayer
Bilal Nasim Social Housing Tenure and Child Outcomes in England Professor Carol Propper, Professor Robert MacCulloch
Anupa Sahdev The Relationship Between Competition and the Use of Technology in the English National Health Service Professor Carol Propper, Professor Peter Smith
Surya Singh Integrating Motherhood and Employment: The Role of Breastfeeding Legislation Dr Marisa Miraldo, Dr Katharina Hauck
Krystal Lau Mitigating the Impact of Influenza on Health Systems: Pandemic Hospitalizations and Seasonal Vaccination Behavior Dr Marisa Miraldo
Quentin Coutellier Economics of energy demand: evaluation of smart meter policies, technologies and consumption behaviour in the domestic sector in the UK Dr Mirabelle Muuls
Saeed Alokkah Benchmarking renewable energy sources, carbon savings and economic effectiveness Professor Richard Green
Tamar Gomez Essays on economic development, violence and infrastructure Dr Mirabelle Muuls
Dheeya Rizmie Essays on the Impact of the Environment on Healthcare and Health Dr Marisa Miraldo

Practical experience

PhD students are also offered the opportunity to engage in teaching activities within the Business School’s programmes, such as MSc Economics and Strategy for Business and our MBA suite.

Administrative label
Doctoral CTA AO

Master's in Research

If you pursue the Doctoral programme and choose a research area within Analytics & Operations or Marketing, you will pursue a one year MRes, followed by four years of independent research. For all other research areas you will pursue a two year MRes followed by four years of independent research. 

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