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Strategy & Organisational Behaviour

Faculty and PhD students in Strategy or Organisational Behaviour are part of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship. The department welcomes doctoral applicants from a wide variety of academic disciplines who are united by a desire to conduct innovative research. Doctoral students have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty whose projects engage a range of different industries as well as researchers from across Imperial. With its small intake, the programme provides a supportive environment, preparing students for academic careers in top Business Schools worldwide.


Research areas

Researchers in this area are considering a variety of questions on what constitutes effective organisations across a range of different contexts. Some of these questions include understanding the link between senior managerial style and firm strategy, and the effect of team selection processes on success, how organisational contexts affect how we construe, and therefore facilitate, morally problematic behaviour and how business organisations learn to grow and adapt to environmental turbulence.

Research Centres and Partnerships

Researchers working in Strategy and Organisational Behaviour areas have a number of close links with the research centres within the School.  Specifically the Leonardo Centre which explores and experiments with new ways of doing business in order to regenerate economies, communities and natural environments around the world. The Centre for Responsible Leadership uses evidence-based research to create a focus on generating meaningful change in businesses and organisations. Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation, linking innovation and entrepreneurship in companies and institutions globally, through thought leadership, research, technology and next-generation innovation models. Imperial Business Analytics, which brings business-focused academics and data science specialists together for research in how business analytics, data, and artificial intelligence will change business and society. 

Doctoral Theses in Strategy & Organisational Behaviour

Name Thesis title Supervisor(s)
Eva Kirchberger Lessons from the Creative Industries: Institutions, Recurrent Change and Advantage Dr Mark Kennedy
Rahul Kumar Starting Up and Steering an Innovation Practice in a Temporary Organization Professor Nelson Phillips
Armando Martins Brelaz de Castro Essays on the Oil and Gas Industry in Brazil: Institutional Deviances in Petrobras Professor Nelson Phillips, Dr Namrata Malhotra
Hae-Kyung Shin The Dynamics and Impact of Outcome-oriented Control Mechanisms on Front-line Service Employees Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi, Dr Jonathan Pinto
Xuchang Zheng Intention and Competence for Trust Development and Deterioration Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi, Dr Jonathan Pinto

Practical experience

PhD students in the Strategy and Organisational Behaviour area have the opportunity to teach on Business School programmes such as MSc Management and MSc Economics & Strategy for Businesses, as well as on our MBA suite.

Administrative label
Doctoral CTA - S&OB

Master's in Research

If you pursue the Doctoral programme and choose a research area within Analytics & Operations or Marketing, you will pursue a one year MRes, followed by four years of independent research. For all other research areas you will pursue a two year MRes followed by four years of independent research. 

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