Ahmet Yildirim

Ahmet Yildirim
Nationality: Turkish

Previous education: University of Bogazici, Bachelor of Arts in Management; London School of Economics, Master’s Degree in Management, Organisations and Governance.

Awards/achievements: Certificate of High Honour, Bogazici University and Imperial College PhD Scholarship Award.

Choosing the Doctoral Programme at Imperial College Business School 

The Imperial College Business School reputation, with its excellent academic staff and impressive rankings in entrepreneurship motivated me to undertake my study here. Is there any reason to miss such an opportunity?

Research Environment

The doctoral programme here necessitates intense work with high self discipline. If you manage your time well, it can be less suffocating than intensive MSc programmes. You are your own boss, who can get support from the staff and from your supervisor, but your success is in your own hands. Since the work will belong to you in the end, self discipline is key.

If I had to pick two things about the doctoral programme that I most enjoy I would say it is the quality, fame and helpfulness of the academic faculty along with the freedom to shape my own distinct career path as a student here.

Developing Skills and Knowledge

The Quantitative Research Methods course is a brief introduction to research thinking, and it outlines the fundamentals very well regardless of whether you have a qualitative or quantitative background. External seminars organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship group can also be very useful, depending on the research topic. I have also found the paper development workshops to be of crucial importance in preparing articles for journal submission.

Life at Imperial

The Imperial community is really friendly. People are ready to listen to you, and respond. You do not need to possess a singular personality type here as you can always find a space to be who you are. As a student with disabilities, I have not encountered any occurrence which even slightly gives the flavour of discrimination.

Your input as a student is valuable and you can shape the programme according to your beliefs and needs. Second, the networking opportunities with previous cohorts is invaluable. The peer feedback mechanism works very well, stimulating creativity and resolves many potential questions on your mind. And of course you can speak to number-one academics from various disciplines.

Developing your career

During my PhD study I am hoping to place at least one of my articles in an A-level journal. This can be possible due to the valuable input we get from the A-level academics here. After graduation, I hope to teach in a world famous university. Doing consultancy work for the private sector could always be a part time alternative as a hobby!

Living in London

London is a nice city with a very diverse population. This is an opportunity which is not easy to find elsewhere. It is like a sample of the whole world in this sense! It can be a bit expensive to live here but with its great history and importance on the modern world, living in London allows you to enrich your days and improve your human capital.