Francesco Ielo

Francesco Ielo

Nationality: Italian

Programme: Organisation and Management

Previous education: MBA, Politecnico di Milano

Work history: Employed for 15 years as a manager in sales, marketing and in general management roles in consumer and healthcare industries. Started employment as a management consultant.

Choosing the Doctoral Programme at Imperial College Business School
I decided to apply for a PhD programme to move into a career in academia so that I could put my significant managerial experience to use. The College’s legacy with engineering and medicine makes the research environment distinctive because it focuses on phenomena. This creates the conditions for solid, fact-based research which is in many cases is world-class.

Developing Skills and Knowledge
The PhD programme has taught me how to approach complex research. I consider doing a PhD to be similar to running a steeplechase; the bar is high and the path full of hurdles. This is why you need to be a self starter and find enjoyment to be successful in the ride.

Life at the Business School
I am finding the PhD programme to be quite intense and stimulating; day by day I am gaining the leading knowledge in my field of interest. I am also enjoying the autonomy that the program allows, as this makes it possible for me to combine my personal and family life with the high demands required by the program.

I have been living in London since 2004 and it is one of the most amazing cities in the world from all perspectives: business, academic and personal.

Advance my Career
After the program is completed my aim is to continue my research, to teach and also work as a consultant in my areas of expertise to major firms.