Rastislav Molnár

Rastislav Molnar
Nationality: Slovak

Programme: Finance

Work history: UniValue – non-profit organization (in the past: CTO / now: supervisory board member)

Instando/Slido – Slovak internet startup, co-founder

Awards/achievements: Comenius University Chancellor’s Award for academic achievements
Faculty of Management, CU Dean’s Award for Master’s Thesis

Activities/Clubs at Imperial: Muay Thai, Golf

Future plans
Prior joining the Business School I expected to obtain relevant theoretical knowledge in order to be able to better understand financial markets and possibly carry the research in this field in the future. Since then my opinion changed, today I see myself on two distinctive paths. Path one is the academic path of doing part-time teaching and research, while the second path is the entrepreneurship and consulting path. In my opinion the Imperial Business School allows me to develop skills relevant for both paths I would like to follow in the future.

Developing Skills and Knowledge
I think the most important thing I have learnt from my programme is the fact by the end of the day it doesn’t matter how the knowledge is delivered and what you already knew, what matters is the inspiring community (people) and the will to learn (determination) and explore (curiosity) new knowledge. People, determination and curiosity are the most important factors for one to persistently improve.

Life in London
Prior to coming to London I had a chance to live in Copenhagen and Rotterdam, compared to these the life in London is more international and exciting. One can find simply anything here from quiet suburbs where he can enjoy his weekends to the city centre where he can spend Friday night partying with his friends. School itself is well situated and very convenient to get to, the proximity of the museums and Hyde Park is a great advantage.

Alumni network
Alumni networks at any higher education institution is one of the key values school can provide on the top of the knowledge. I see the strongly international Alumni network of the Imperial College Business School as the great advantage to know people from all over the world.