Teaching Opportunities

Graduate Teaching Opportunities for Doctoral students

Gillian Forsyth

Gillian Forsyth
Programme Manager, Doctoral Programme

Doctoral Programme Manager Gillian Forsyth describes some of the benefits of the Graduate Teaching Assistant scheme for doctoral students. 

One of the great opportunities for Doctoral students at Imperial College Business School is the ability to gain significant teaching experience. For those wishing to go on to careers in academia, this experience is invaluable.

Current student Chris Corbishley says of the Doctoral programme at Imperial: ‘Not only are you contributing to research but you’re also encouraged to teach. It’s very good to have the opportunities to do so because when you enter the job market it’s one of the first things universities look for, and some of the smaller institutions don’t tend to give you those kinds of opportunities.’

The Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) experience can be extremely rewarding and a lot of fun. First, you get to teach something that you’re passionate about and can impart your knowledge and enthusiasm of a subject to a keen audience.

Second, you will be able to deliver your classes how you choose (within reason, of course). While you will work closely with the lecturer, who will provide you with the material to cover, you decide how to present the material, giving you a chance to be imaginative in how you create an effective learning environment for your classes. Business School Master’s and MBA students, although demanding, are enthusiastic and eager to learn. They truly appreciate a GTA who runs an engaging class and this is reflected in the feedback they provide at the end of the course.

Finally, GTA experience can really enhance your CV. It signals to potential employers that you are an excellent communicator, problem solver and leader. If you are thinking about a career in academia, then having successful teaching experience under your belt is of vital importance as it demonstrates your potential as an asset to the academic community.

GTAs are also extremely valuable and essential to the successful running of the programmes at Imperial College Business School. They provide indispensable academic and administrative support to course lecturers and contribute greatly to the quality of each course. There are many GTA opportunities at the School, across all programmes, particularly in the Summer School courses which runs during July and August. GTA duties include: teaching students face-to-face in small classes, holding office hours, marking coursework and exams and holding online tutorials.

As a GTA, you will receive formal training in your first year to ensure you are prepared to take on teaching duties. Training includes workshops such as “Preparing courses”, “Delivering courses” and “Assessment and feedback”. Continuing mentoring and evaluation from faculty will help you develop and improve your teaching skills over the course of your PhD.

Becoming a Graduate Teaching Assistant is a great opportunity to learn new skills, work closely with top academics and become an integral member of the ICBS community.

All Doctoral students have the opportunity to train as a GTA, but Imperial College Business School is also offering 5 GTA Scholarships which cover tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses.  You can find more information about all of our scholarships in the feed and funding section.