Gianandrea Bittanti
Executive MBA

Why did you choose to study Weekend Executive MBA and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

Joining Imperial College Business School gives students the opportunity to be part of a unique environment, where cutting-edge research, diversity and first-class education represent constant sources of inspiration and drive. With a truly unique programme focused around entrepreneurship, design and innovation, the Imperial MBA offers the toolkit to frame and manage today’s business complexity while inspiring students to lead tomorrow’s change. In a vibrant and engaging environment, it offers an exceptional balance between theory and practice; it stimulates entrepreneurial agility and a leadership attitude and guarantees high-calibre hands-on experiences.

What was the most important learning you took away with you from the Business School?

At the base of every business success stands the passion for working with and for people and the ability to constantly seek continuous improvement, effective teamwork, and critical thinking. These values, around which the Business School has always placed great emphasis through the Innovation Entrepreneurship and Design (IE&D) project, the Study Tour and in-class projects, have become for me a way of thinking and a ‘modus operandi’ that stimulates and pushes me to seek innovative approaches and smarter solutions.

How did you benefit from the services provided by the Business School’s Career and Professional Development Services Team?

The Business School offered me the opportunity to better understand my strengths and to take a conscious approach to exploring the range of potential paths that could help me develop my career further. With a top-notch Career and Professional Development Service Team, the Business School offers concrete help in deciding where you want to go next, how to frame your options and where to gain visibility of what the market offers. From CV assessment to interview mock-up sessions, from job postings to career consultations, the Business School enables you to really get the best out of your MBA.

What do you enjoy most about your work and what are the main challenges that you face?

I work for a multinational company competing in a highly complex, fast-paced and technology-driven industry where teamwork, strategic mindset, speed and accuracy are indispensable to succeed and lead the way. With a business landscape that is constantly changing, it is vital to be able to understand and codify potential new trends, consumers’ needs and competitors’ moves. The excellent mix of theoretical and practical experience gained at Imperial College Business School is a precious and essential toolkit to face new challenges, inspire people and lead the business.

How do you stay connected with others from your Business School alumni network?

When I left the Business School, I was keen to ensure I could stay in touch with such a vibrant and inspiring environment, and with all my classmates with whom I shared the MBA experience. Being innovative by nature, Imperial College Business School provides all the tools to stay in touch not only with the MBA cohort, but with the entire alumni network, professors and current students. From LinkedIn and Facebook to annual reunions, magazines, podcasts and email updates, even after the MBA you become a member of a very connected and up-to-date community.

In what way is remaining connected to your alumni network important to you?

Staying in touch with MBA students, alumni and the wider Business School community is vital. We have the opportunity to share ideas and projects, partner up for potential businesses, or simply to organise a get-together event. Since the MBA crowd is so international and diverse, the alumni network also gives you the opportunity to be linked to friends and colleagues working in different fields and places, thereby offering the advantage of being a member of a truly global community.

Executive MBA 2010
Undergraduate education :

Business Administration, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Job prior to Imperial College Business School :

European Product Trade Manager, Sony Europe

Employment after studying at the Business School :

Senior Marketing Manager, Sony Europe