Jasveen Chugh
Executive MBA

Why did you choose to study the Weekend Executive MBA programme and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

I chose to do an MBA as I believed it would be an important part of accelerating my career into a senior leadership position in the coming years.  I wanted to make myself a more attractive candidate to employers by combining my pharmaceutical Research and Development experience with the business knowledge gained from the MBA. As I grow my career, I see that my scientific content knowledge and now my knowledge around business strategy and leadership have enabled me to offer more value in strategic advice to clients.

I chose Imperial College Business School as it has a very strong brand.  It is an entrepreneurial and innovative environment with a strong scientific focus, Imperial College London being known for science and medicine. Hence it was strongly aligned with my background and career aspirations.

What is your fondest memory from your time at the Business School?

My fondest memories are those of being in the classroom with 60 other people all eager to learn and share career experiences. We all learnt a lot from each other.  I also really enjoyed the dinners we would attend together after a long day in class where we could talk about how we were achieving a work / MBA / life balance!  Working with others and being able to share our experiences was an integral part of ensuring we remained committed and continued to enjoy the programme.

How has the Business School helped develop your career?

During my MBA I was a senior scientist for Medical Research Council Technology.  This was a research-related position so, while I was already managing projects and people,  I was keen to see my career take a more commercial and managerial focus.  The MBA knowledge and especially the experience of consulting projects allowed me to position my CV in a commercial and strategic way through using examples of client interaction and team work to solve real-world cutting-edge strategic problems.  This was highly valued by my new employer PA Consulting whom I moved to a short while after completing the MBA.

How did you benefit from the services provided by the Business School’s Career and Professional Development Services Team?

The Career and Professional Development Services Team were excellent and absolutely a core part of my development.  They not only offered career advice but were also hands-on in helping me put together a strong CV and prepare mock interviews and case studies.  Their continued support and personal relationship allowed me to learn of new opportunities through the Business School.  I can honestly say that it is thanks to them that I am now employed in a new position.

How do you stay connected with others from your Business School alumni network?

Two years after we completed our programme, our cohort still actively keeps in touch with each other, often via Facebook and LinkedIn. Many of us also regularly meet up socially.

What value do you get out of your Business School and alumni connections?

Remaining connected to the alumni network is extremely important to me, particularly since the Imperial experience enabled me to make what I believe are life-long friends. My alumni network enables me to socialise with friends as well as exchanging career advice and assisting others with looking for new positions in their careers.  I also regularly provide advice to people who are considering undertaking an Imperial MBA.

Executive MBA 2009
United Kingdom
Undergraduate education :

BSc Biochemistry, Queen Mary and Westfield University; PhD Natural Sciences, Birkbeck College

Job prior to Imperial College Business School :

Senior Scientist, Medical Research Council Technology

Employment after studying at the Business School :

Consultant, PA Consulting Group