Deadlines for 2016 entry

Although the round application deadlines for entry in September 2016 have passed, we are still accepting applications from exceptional applicants. If you are considering applying to the MBA for entry in September 2016, please get in touch with us urgently on +44 (0)20 7594 9206 or by requesting a CV review with our team.

Our staged admissions rounds allow you to plan your application. The deadlines for September 2016 entry to the Full-Time MBA programme were:

Round  Deadline for applications  Interview dates (week commencing)  Notification of decisions (week commencing)
1 13 November 2015  30 November 2015  11 December 2015
2 29 January 2016  15 February 2016  22 February 2016
3 11 March 2016  11 April 2016  18 April 2016
4 20 May 2016  6 June 2016  13 June 2016
5  24 June 2016  4 July 2016  11 July 2016

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Admission to the Full-Time MBA is competitive and you should apply as early as possible to maximise your chances of being accepted for the programme. There are many other benefits to applying early, including:

  1. Allowing more time to complete the visa process if you are an international student.
  2. Receiving an offer gives you access to exclusive events – including our Admit Weekend, guest lectures and opportunities to network with students, alumni and your fellow offer holders.
  3. Access to personalised support from our Career Consultants from the moment you accept your offer to develop your career strategy before the programme commences.
  4. More time to concentrate on finding accommodation in London.