Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Entrepreneurship has always been a cornerstone of our Full-Time MBA programme at Imperial. We recognise the value that entrepreneurs who have experienced the full life-cycle of a start-up bring to the cohort, by enhancing peer learning with real-world experience.

We are delighted to offer a scholarship for Full-Time MBA candidates with a strong track record of entrepreneurship and the potential to launch new and exciting ventures in the future. The recipient of the Entrepreneurship Scholarship will be expected to be a dynamic player in the entrepreneurial community at Imperial, by sharing their experiences, contributing to existing initiatives and driving new ones.

Imperial has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem with initiatives including the Enterprise Lab a physical space found under the library that supports and fosters entrepreneurial activity; Imperial Innovations – the technology transfer office for Imperial College London; Imperial College Advanced Hackspace, who focus on the ideation and prototyping of ideas; and ACT Now, an incubator programme for social entrepreneurs, and WE Innovate, which helps aspiring female entrepreneurs develop their ideas.

One award of £26,000 is available.

If you want to be considered for this scholarship, you should make sure you submit your MBA application by 3 May 2019.


One award of £26,000 is available.


The scholarship will be awarded to applicants based on the following criteria:

  • A strong track record as an entrepreneur who has experienced the full life-cycle of a start-up – from opportunity recognition through market entry to growth and maturity, and possibly having exited the business
  • A clear desire to continue your entrepreneurial journey at Imperial, and to contribute to enterprise activities within the Business School and entrepreneurial life across the College.
  • Ambitions to scale an existing idea or business plan through the skills, network and experience you acquire during the MBA.
  • Your responses to the scholarship questions, as outlined below.
  • Your performance during the admissions process, including your written application, interview performance and your professional references


You should have submitted your MBA application (and any supporting materials) by 3 May 2019 to be considered for this scholarship.

How to apply

To be considered for this scholarship, you must have applied for the Full-Time MBA and submitted your answers to the questions below by 3 May 2019.

  • Why are you the perfect entrepreneur for Imperial College Business School to offer a scholarship for the Full-Time MBA?
  • How would you use the MBA to further your entrepreneurial ambitions?

Your answers can be submitted in the format of your choice (such as a written statement, PowerPoint presentation or video) either as part of your application or via email to mba@imperial.ac.uk by 3 May 2019. Emails should state ‘Entrepreneurship Scholarship application’ and your CID number in the subject line.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited to an additional interview before a final decision is made.