Benjamin Bouju

Programme: Full-Time MBA

Undergraduate education: Master’s Degree in Engineering, ECE Paris

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: R&D Project Manager and Global Support Manager, Safran Morpho

Benjamin Bouju is a Full-Time MBA class of 2015-16 student. After graduating from Imperial College Business School, Benjamin accepted a role as a Bid Manager at Scalian Operations Performance.

A move to business management

After spending five years in research and development where I held a technical management position, I wanted to move forward in my career and change to a business management position. Imperial College Business School was a perfect fit for me since it combines a great business school reputation with an outstanding science faculty.

New opportunities

One of the great things about an MBA is that you have the opportunity to discover and try out new subjects that you would have never thought interesting. Corporate Finance seemed incomprehensible for someone like me since I come from a technical background. I was surprised when I discovered that I greatly enjoyed the module. It is incredibly rewarding to predict future cash flows and evaluate the profitability of a project. The MBA has given me the skills and, most importantly, the confidence to make insightful financial decisions.

Inspiring faculty

Faculty professors are really committed, they go the extra mile to support students that have more difficulty grasping the subject, and to bring in interesting guest speakers.

Tim Brown was a guest speaker brought in during our Design Thinking and Innovative Problem Solving module. It was an amazing event because we had the father of Design Thinking with us on campus and we were able to explore and gain valuable insights that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

The faculty also put together compelling case studies and you get a great feeling once you realise you are able to put into practice all the theoretical knowledge you have learned during the MBA.

A range of new skills

An MBA isn’t only about new financial and management skills, it is also about discovering your personality and identifying the changes needed in order to become a successful leader.

The group assignments are a great avenue for practising your leadership and presentation skills. The freedom given to every group assignment also means you always have some room to tailor the assignment to your centre of interest.

Your time management skills are tested and intensified throughout the programme: you need to learn to juggle between group assignments, individual work, presentations and networking.

Community spirit

I would describe my cohort as multicultural, friendly and professional. Unlike other MBAs, there is a wide variety of students that come from very different industries and professions. It creates an exceptionally rich atmosphere to exchange and learn from each other’s experiences. I was impressed by the level of skills present in our cohort but what surprised me the most was the friendliness of each individual.

The global experience week in China gave the cohort a great chance to grow closer as well as being an incredible learning experience. In order to understand a country’s economy, you need to explore local entrepreneurs and companies, which is exactly what we did.

The Imperial advantage

I had the opportunity to work closely with Imperial Incubator, a hub for early stage companies. They provided me with counsel and guidance for my Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Project. Because of the high focus on innovation, Imperial College London has great communities and multiple services that are incredibly helpful for someone who wants to start their own business.

For those who are interested in technology, being based within the Imperial College London campus also gives you access to a great playground to discover new tech and innovations that are developed by Imperial’s science faculty.

I am part of the tech conference group which is in charge of organising one of the first student-led conferences at Imperial College Business School. It is a great opportunity to network and create contacts.

Being part of the Imperial College community is definitely a big plus when it comes to networking. Imperial College as a brand opens multiple opportunities because of the excellent reputation it carries.

Life in London

Getting started in London can be daunting – you need to set up a new bank account, find an apartment, apply for a student Oyster card, etc. Luckily, Imperial has a great student space that will provide you support to get started. Don’t hesitate to contact the student space staff if you have any questions.

I live in Shepherd’s Bush, I chose to live here because of its proximity to the Business School. It’s also located near Kensington High Street, Notting Hill and Westfield shopping mall.

I love the cultural activity in London; every week there is a new event or exhibition. Most of the museums are free, giving you a great opportunity to go out and discover London. There are also a lot of charming places not too far from London – I definitely recommend visiting Bath for a weekend.

My advice for those thinking of applying for the Full-Time MBA?

Go for it! The MBA has been one of the most exciting and enriching experiences I have ever had. It doesn’t matter which industry or position you come from, you will always find yourself learning new skills because of the diversity of people you encounter and interact with. 

Programme: Full-Time MBA

Undergraduate education: Master’s Degree in Engineering, ECE Paris

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: R&D Project Manager and Global Support Manager, Safran Morpho