Daniel Rose

Programme: Full-Time MBA Student 2016-17

Undergraduate education: Boston University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Director of Marketing, Sales, and Online

Daniel Rose is a Full-Time MBA class of 2016-17 student. After graduating from Imperial College Business School, Daniel accepted a role as a Senior Digital Strategy Consultant at Retail Reply.

Professional background

Prior to commencing my MBA I spent three years as Director of Marketing, Sales and Online for my family business, Jones Fashion. Jones Fashion is a premium fashion retailer in Austria and I ran the e-commerce and marketing department. I am particularly proud of creating a new product line of home accessories and developing the digital strategy for the company.


Deciding to study an MBA

After nearly seven years of professional experience I wanted to broaden my mind-set and was particularly keen to do that in an international city with great exposure to innovation. After visiting a number of schools, Imperial College Business School became my clear choice with its strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. Imperial is at the forefront of innovation.

Along with this, Imperial’s access to the engineering and science faculty is unique to any other school offering MBA programmes.


School and class diversity

The Business School is extremely diverse and the modules are taught in a high-quality way. It’s great to have renowned, experienced Professors in entrepreneurship, finance, economics, and marketing teaching us. They contextualise theory into real world experiences, making the class room experience more relevant.

Imperial’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is an integral part of the whole experience. In particular, the design thinking class and the entrepreneurship module are both very unique.  Along with these, the programme offers a well-rounded experience. The School gave me helpful frameworks around how to start a business, refreshed my understanding of finance and financial modelling, and significantly improved my understanding of negotiation. I also developed a deep understanding of marketing, analytics and the use of statistical data.

The diversity and quality of the class are also key components of the MBA, making class discussions very interesting and enhancing the overall learning environment. I connected with amazing people from around the world and enriched my intercultural understanding. It was also great to mix with the Executive MBA students in the electives as they bring a completely new viewpoint and a lot of experience into the classroom.



I was surprised to find that I particularly enjoyed the finance course with Franklin Allen. He is the best teacher I’ve ever had. The salary negotiation and self-branding workshops were also very valuable in developing your own market value when you transition into the workforce.

The Personal Leadership Journey is also a good reflection tool. I really benefited from the ‘Interview a leader’ exercise and this ended up being a valuable resource for my job search.

The group projects were essential to my learning experience on the MBA. Two of my best friends came out of my syndicate groups and I can certainly say this wouldn’t have been the case without group projects.


The Imperial community

I have been the MBA President of the Retails and Luxury Goods Club which was founded the year I joined. Together we have originated events in digital transformation, marketing, retail management and sustainability with industry leaders.

I have also connected with the wider Imperial community.   facilitates meetings of students from different faculties with MBA’s. As a fashion specialist I advised two students in starting their own fashion related business ventures.

I’ve really enjoyed the World Café events with alumni where I learned how recent MBA graduates leveraged their experience into different careers.


New opportunities

Imperial has opened the door for me to a new set of opportunities I would not have had access to without the MBA. Initially I thought I would stay in the fashion industry, however I am now more interested in product management and retail innovation. I am currently at an agency where I am responsible for launching a new product.

Moving forward I hope to leverage my MBA to get more exposure working for the most innovative companies either in the UK or abroad. Ultimately I am looking to start my own business in the next three to five years and the MBA has given me the confidence to do so.


Enjoying London

I live in Notting Hill which is an amazing neighbourhood full of bars and restaurants, and it is close enough that I can bike to school every day. You have access to the best theatres, restaurants, museums, and parks. I enjoy running in Hyde Park in the mornings, going to Soho to watch a musical or play, or seeing the latest exhibition at the Tate.

The ability to balance academic work, your job search, attending career and networking events, and enjoying your social life can be particularly difficult but it’s important if you want to enjoy everything London has to offer. There’s so much to do and see and I love the diversity you get in London.

Programme: Full-Time MBA Student 2016-17

Undergraduate education: Boston University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Director of Marketing, Sales, and Online