Supitchaya Jirachaisakul

Programme: Full Time MBA

Undergraduate education: Chulalongkorn University, BBA (International Programme)

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Executive, Consulting and Retail, The Nielsen Company (AC Nielsen)

Supitchaya Jirachaisakul is a Full-Time MBA class of 2016-17 student. After graduating from Imperial College Business School, Supitchaya accepted a role as a Client Manager at Sainsbury’s.

Professional background

Before studying my MBA I spent a number of years at The Nielsen Company (AC Nielsen) as an Executive in Retail Measurement Service, advising leading multinational retail and consumer products companies on strategic business solutions through market data analysis. Prior to this I was a consultant at KPMG Consulting based in Bangkok, Thailand.


Career advancement

Career advancement is one of the main reasons for doing an MBA as I will be exposed to greater career opportunities both in Thailand and the UK. Most importantly however, the MBA at Imperial is a safe and supportive environment where I can try new and different things that eventually strengthen my skill-set in areas such as project management, analytical and leadership.

I have grown a lot from doing an MBA at Imperial both in professional and personal aspects. Professionally, my business acumen has become stronger from the dynamic experiences in the classroom and I have developed great leadership skills. Likewise, in a personal sense, moving to London and living in a foreign country by myself has made me become a much more self-reliant person.

I chose Imperial because of its strong reputation as well as its location. Being in the centre of London was very exciting to me and also gave me the chance to build a strong network in London.


Building a network

Building a strong network has been the most important element for me. Events like World Café are amazing in giving us a chance to network and talk to Imperial MBA alumni from different industries. We learned so much from alumni who shared their personal experiences and provided suggestions about how to land a job or internship. Having the title of Imperial MBA student has given me the privilege of meeting and talking to many business people who are usually hard to access.

The whole cohort are very collaborative and supportive. Given the small class size, a close and strong relationship has been built among us. It is a culturally diverse class but at the same time it is a small and loving family.


International experience

The Global Experience Week in Vietnam was one of the best moments of the MBA programme. We had a lot of fun exploring cities, learning about different business cultures and enjoying the amazing local food. This is the longest trip of the MBA and the cohort experiences everything together, staying side by side, which makes the trip so beautiful and memorable.


Realising my core strengths

I’ve always been interested in working in the retail industry but it has become clearer to me that my goal is specifically to work in retail operation and strategy. The broad exposure and experiences provided by the MBA at Imperial has allowed me to realise my core strengths and discover what kind of role I really want to hold.

My career consultant is always helpful and gives me great advice on my future career plan as well as job applications and interviews. Whenever I need help such as interview preparation, she always promptly arranges a meeting with me to ensure that I am ready.


Enchanting life in London

London is an incredible place for a food lover like me. Many famous restaurants are located in the city and there are always new places to try. I love trying the top restaurants but I also enjoy exploring the street food at markets like Borough market. Even after a long day at school we will often go out together to find a delicious place for dinner before heading home to continue our study.

London really does have everything and I have never felt bored. There are museums (some with free entry), delicious places to eat and concerts on all the time. The people here are very diverse and because of this they are very welcoming to different ethnicities and backgrounds.

I always find a lot of exciting things to do in London and the fun activities from our cohort mean I never feel alone.


What would be your advice?

The one year MBA is not easy and requires a lot of self-discipline and good time management. Be ready for that!

However, it really is worth the effort. A lot of what I learnt from doing the MBA were things I never expected to receive at the beginning. Work hard, be disciplined and enjoy the enchanting life in London.

Programme: Full Time MBA

Undergraduate education: Chulalongkorn University, BBA (International Programme)

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Executive, Consulting and Retail, The Nielsen Company (AC Nielsen)