Suzy McClintock
Suzy McClintock is a Full-Time MBA class of 2016-17 student. After graduating from Imperial College Business School, Suzy accepted a role on Amazon’s MBA Pathways.

Professional Background

I’ve worked as a development producer across Television, Film and Branded Content for companies like Saatchi and Saatchi and C4. One of my proudest achievements as a producer was securing £300k of funding from the Wellcome Trust for a children’s science show for ITV and Hat Trick. Science communication is something that I’m passionate about and the show wouldn’t have been able to happen without that final piece of funding.

More recently I have been selected by Founders Forum as one of their “Founders of the Future”. Founders Forum is the premier community for global entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors in the digital media and technology sectors. It’s a real accolade to be chosen by such a respected organisation and I’m hoping this will help me with my entrepreneurial career in the future.


Strategic move

I decided to study for an MBA because I was interested in moving into a more strategy focused role within my industry and couldn’t see a way to make the leap without going back to school. I knew I wanted to study with a group of students from a diverse background rather than attend a programme where the majority of the class came from consulting and finance. While I still wanted to gain knowledge in the finance area, I was looking for a more diverse programme. Surprisingly the quality of the finance teaching at Imperial has definitely ignited an interest that I didn’t know I had.

Imperial College Business School combines excellent finance teaching with a focus on design thinking and entrepreneurship, as well as the great location, this makes it hard to beat.



The most challenging part of the programme is really the workload and managing your time. It can be touch and go but you somehow manage to cram it all in! To get the most out of the experience it’s important to have really clear goals at the beginning of the course. This helps to not only keep you focused but also to prioritise and make the most of your time. The students who have got the most out of the entire experience are those who had really clear goals at the beginning of the course.


Taking the lead

I’ve learnt that in many situations my peers will naturally look to me to be a leader, it’s on me therefore to ensure that I’m the best and most effective leader that I can be. If you decide to take the lead in your life and set clear goals at the beginning of the programme you’re sure to get the most out of the MBA experience.


Getting involved

I’m the vice president of the Marketing and Digital society and I’ve made full use of the gym, pool, climbing wall and tennis court. Combining all this with study and work can be tricky but it’s good to have other things going on. Time management is a key skill that I’ve learnt while doing my MBA.


Living in London

I live in Peckham which is a really great area with lots of bars and restaurants. While I would thoroughly recommend it for long term London living, the commute to Imperial isn’t great; I was living in London already and my partner works as a doctor at a nearby hospital so moving wasn’t an option for me. Shepherds Bush is an area that’s a bit closer to Imperial that is really up and coming, with the added bonus of a shuttle bus straight to college!


Funding the MBA

I was lucky enough to receive a significant scholarship from Imperial. The remainder was funded through savings and I tutored throughout the year in maths and essay writing.

Full-Time MBA
United Kingdom
Undergraduate education :

MA, Natural Sciences (Experimental Psychology), Cambridge University

Job prior to Imperial College Business School :

TV Development Producer, Barcroft Media