Business Insights in Europe

Learn about international business practices in Europe

During your MBA journey you will visit a key European city to learn about international business practices in Europe. You will have the opportunity to visit top companies and learn about the cultural and economic ecosystem of Europe outside of your London classroom. This immersive and educational trip will provide networking opportunities with business leaders while allowing you to further establish strong relationships with your cohort.

The global trips were a great way to get to know everyone. When you’re around the Business School you say hello to people and you talk, but when you’re in a different country you suddenly realise how close you are to these people. You see different sides to them and you really, properly interact over a number of days. The Berlin trip was fantastic for that because we were still getting to know each other and we had just had winter break so it was exciting to see everyone again.

Sabrina HearnFull-Time MBA Class of 2017-18

2018-19 trip to Copenhagen

The 2018-19 class visited Copenhagen in Denmark for their trip. Whilst there, they went to the headquarters of Maersk, one of the largest shipping companies in the world, as well as the Copenhagen power grid HOFOR. The class also experienced a lecture on environmental policy and sustainability in Copenhagen at Copenhagen Business School.

The Full-Time MBA class of 2017-18 explored Berlin, which is also the city our 2016-17 cohort visited. The class of 2015-16 went to Brussels.

Victoria Ferguson