FTMBA Flexcore & Specialisms

Personalise your MBA with flexcore and specialisms

Flexcore modules give you the flexibility to personalise your MBA and provide an opportunity to deep dive into a specialist area that aligns with your chosen career path and interests. 

Our optional specialisms allow you to hone in on one area of interest, providing you with the business fundamentals to become an expert in your chosen field. You can pursue a single specialism in analytics, entrepreneurship or finance, or complete modules across all three, depending on your professional aspirations and interests. 

These specialisms align with the in-demand skills that MBA recruiters are seeking. The MBA remains one of the most highly regarded qualifications by employers. But with the changing nature of society, our recruitment experts are seeing more demand for graduates with deeper skills in these areas. Depending on your chosen career path or company, choosing a specialism can give you the edge in a competitive job market.

Discover the latest thinking and techniques in the field of business analytics. In addition to the fundamentals of data, probability and statistical analysis​, explore how AI and machine learning are reshaping our ability to leverage data and tackle real-life challenges. This specialism is for anyone with an analytical mind and passion for data looking to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving subject. If this is your passion, you will also benefit from extra-curricular opportunities at Imperial such as our Data Spark initiative. 

Make the Full-Time MBA the start of your journey to entrepreneurial success with our Entrepreneurship specialism. In addition to the support available to students via the Imperial Enterprise Lab, you’ll discover the true meaning of innovation and how to solve complex problems with a disruptive mindset. This specialism is designed to give you the tools, support, and expertise to successfully launch your own venture or innovate from within and create change in your future organisations.

If you are looking to work in financial services, corporate finance or fintech, take the finance specialism. You’ll gain a grounding in Corporate Finance and Accounting before specialising through your flexcore modules in Investment & Risk Management and Macroeconomics.

Elective choices include Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Finance, Sustainable/ESG Finance and Fintech among others.

In addition:

  • Access the Finance Lab, which provides co-and extracurricular activities.
  • Attend seminars with executives from leading financial services firms and start-up innovators.
  • Visit companies to see finance in action and develop your network.

Situated within Imperial’s world-class Department of Finance, with more than 40 faculty, the Finance Lab offers you the opportunity to work on a real-world finance project in close collaboration with the world of finance practice.

Flexcore modules 

You will choose two flexcore modules from the options below. Your choice of flexcore modules may be determined by the mandatory modules required for each specialism. If you do not want to choose a specialism, you can choose any two modules from the below. You may take an additional flexcore module (three in total) in which case this will count as an elective choice.

The module prepares students to visualise and analyse data, and to use analytical and data-driven approaches to make sound management decisions. The module covers the fundamentals of data manipulation and visualisation, with an emphasis on how to ask insightful business questions and analyse data interactively. The exploratory data analysis method will be discussed from a statistical point of view and with case studies in a management context. We also cover the computational aspect of data analytics and briefly introduce online computing platforms.

Design Thinking represents a powerful way to unleash the creative potential of managers and leaders in organisations and is rapidly becoming a new management paradigm for value creation. Through this module you will develop the ability to gain deep insights about users, to define and reframe problems, and to effectively generate solutions or alternative approaches. You will learn how to clearly articulate ideas and concepts visually as well as verbally, and a mindset that embraces uncertainty and seeks new opportunities by exploration and experimentation.

Some say risk is an inevitable part of investing. Risky investments can bring big rewards, but these risks can, and should, be managed. To prevent loss, you need to understand the main financial securities and markets and how to develop efficient investment strategies. To complement your studies in the classroom, you will have access the Connect learning platform’s state-of-the-art technology, which includes a fully interactive book with online exercises and assignments.

This module analyses the macroeconomic backdrop against which businesses and governments operate. You will analyse how the decisions of firms and consumers interact to generate the aggregate outcomes that macroeconomists focus on: total output (GDP), employment, inflation and the balance of payments. The module will examine the 2008 financial crisis and the ways in which it has affected economies and prompted responses of governments and central banks. And looking to a current and very local issue, you will also explore the economics of Brexit right in the city where the decisions are being made.

A firm can create competitive advantage through efficient and effective management of its operations. This module covers key concepts of operations management including the analysis of process flows and bottlenecks, capacity planning, inventory and supply chain management and quality management. You will understand how to apply these ideas to achieve operational excellence and total quality.

Specialism structure

If you choose to specialise your MBA programme you will pursue the following modules which align with your chosen specialism, as outlined below. Alternatively, you can opt for our General Management pathway which gives you a broader understanding of business and leadership, providing you with the freedom to mould your MBA programme to a varied range of interests.

We have a wide portfolio of thoughtfully curated electives for you to further explore areas such as marketing, digital transformation, healthcare, energy and environment, and corporate strategy.

  Analytics specialism Entrepreneurship specialism Finance specialism
All students begin their programme with the same nine core modules.
Flexcore modules These are the modules that align with each specialism. You will choose two flexcore modules in total.
  • Data Analytics and Visualisation for Business
  • Operations
  • Design Thinking: Solving Complex Problems Through a Disruptive Mindset
  • Investment and Risk Management
  • Macroeconomics
Electives You will choose six elective modules. A minimum of three electives must align with your chosen specialism.
Project Entrepreneurial Journey or Strategic Consulting Project Entrepreneurial Journey Entrepreneurial Journey or Strategic Consulting Project


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