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Consulting in real-life

Strategic mindset. Analytical skills. Critical thinking. Commercial awareness. Whether you are looking to pursue a career in consulting or a strategic role in a corporation, these skills are crucial across sectors and functions.

The Group Consulting Project is designed to develop your potential by applying your knowledge and problem-solving skills to a real-world consulting project for an external organisation. Building on your innovative thinking and entrepreneurial abilities, you will work in a dynamic team to produce recommendations that will be presented directly to the client.

Taking on the role of a team of consultants, you will manage the project from initial problem-framing through to completion, drawing on your knowledge from the programme so far. The consultancy process is emphasised throughout, with the project building on the tools and techniques developed in the core Strategic Problem Solving module held in the Autumn term.

You will also be supported by workshops run by experienced consultants where you present your work, receive detailed feedback on your progress, and raise questions. Workshops include: defining the problem, gathering and analysing data, communicating results, and project and client management. Workshops will also explore the consulting industry, including looking at the different types of consulting and how consultants add value.

The projects stem from a wide range of high-profile organisations but will typically be the type of strategic or operational questions which consultants might be expected to address. For example, it could be the reorganisation of a service, a market analysis of a new product, or a strategic review of an area of activity. Recent clients have included P&G, Unilever, BT, The Rugby Football Union, and e-Harmony.

During the project, you will be able to expand your network. You will manage your relationship with a project lead from your client’s company and liaise with them for the duration of the project. Each group will also be assigned an informal mentor who will be an alumnus of the Imperial MBA and currently engaged in consulting activities.

This project is offered as one of two projects that focus on building your teamwork skills; you may alternatively choose the Entrepreneurial Journey.

This project is offered as one of two projects that focus on building your teamwork skills; you may alternatively choose the Entrepreneurial Journey.

The Group Consulting Project was a challenging yet valuable learning experience for me, with my project based on the automotive use of hydrogen fuel cells. Two of us in the group had an automotive background, which meant we had enough knowledge to cover the technology side for the client, and between the whole team we could cover the business and finance aspects too. This really showed just how much a project team with people from different backgrounds, perspectives and industry experience could achieve.
Full-Time MBA 2018-19
Robert Carter