Leading the future

Becoming a successful and respected leader means more than simply rising to the top.

To be effective as a manager, mentor, CEO or figurehead in modern business and society means having the ability to motivate, inspire, and drive positive change on multiple levels.

Throughout your time on the Full-Time MBA, we’ll support your development as a leader by helping you understand how your awareness of ethical, societal, and diversity issues, as well as your own leadership style, play a role in every decision you make.

With elements spread throughout the year, the leadership experience forms an essential part of your MBA and is key in preparing you to capitalise on the many opportunities that await you upon graduation. Your own personal careers consultant will be with you from the start, supporting you in the development of your career strategy and preparing you for success in your leadership transformation.

LEADS (Leadership, Ethics, Awareness, Diversity, Society)

The LEADS module starts from your first month on campus and spans the duration of your MBA, covering all the fundamentals of leadership, ethical behaviour and decision-making, as well as diversity within organisations and a broader look at business and society.

The foundations of management. The focus is to provide you with a practical yet theoretically grounded collection of tools you can use to become an effective leader. One who delivers results, in a responsible way, and earns the respect and gratitude of their colleagues. 

How our values drive our decisions and how to ensure these two considerations remain aligned with one another. 

An understanding of ourselves and how we interact, including mental and physical health. 

How to work, manage and lead in organisations with diverse workforces, and how individual differences (demographic, functional, background, cognitive) can drive innovation and productivity when harnessed respectfully. 

Understand how businesses and other organisations can productively utilise their interdependence with the broader societal and environmental landscape in which they operate. 

By the end of the year, you’ll have a complete understanding of the skills and awareness required to become a truly great leader. You’ll enhance your ability to evaluate and enact the most important decisions and learn to leverage diversity in all its forms for the benefit of both business and society at large. 

Your learnings from the LEADS module culminate in the LEADS capstone. This unique experiential assessment will allow you to fully reflect on your learnings from the module during an off-campus excursion. During this exciting conclusion to the module, you will travel with your cohort to an international location to complete the capstone.

You’ll be challenged to look back on your progress throughout the year and assess whether you’ve met your objectives, how these might change for you going forward, and what your future as a well-developed leader might look like.

The Personal Leadership Journey 

The Personal Leadership Journey will identify your own individual strengths and areas for development in terms of your leadership capability and professional effectiveness.

It prepares you for marketing yourself effectively when interviewing with prospective employers, networking with senior alumni who influence hiring decisions, and building your own networks through your projects and internships.

There are three key components to the Personal Leadership Journey:

Through a range of psychometric assessments and reflective exercises, you’ll identify your strengths as both an individual and a team member. With support from trained coaches supporting your personal reflection, you’ll also highlight areas for development in terms of your leadership capability and wider professional effectiveness.

The feedback from your reflective exercises will form the basis of your Personal Development. We offer a range of workshops that, with support from your careers consultant, will help you address the development needs identified. 

Careers will empower you to formulate your individual career path, whether you’re looking to change career, accelerate your current trajectory or pursue entrepreneurial or family business interests. We will help you to achieve these objectives for the duration of your MBA and beyond.

Careers Week 

Taking place in the middle of the programme, Careers Week enables you to focus in on your career goals through a series of workshops and activities designed to help you crystalise your career strategy. With tailored support and feedback, you’ll sharpen your application and interview techniques to become a more well-rounded and attractive candidate to potential employers.

Highlights of the week include:

  • Tailored career sessions
  • Drop-ins for sector-specific careers guidance
  • Entrepreneurs Day co-delivered by the Imperial Enterprise Lab and Imperial Hackspace
  • Interview skills practice and feedback
  • External one-to-ones for specific sectors
"My careers consultant is a great personal mentor in encouraging me, making great suggestions, challenging my decisions and sense checking my MBA plan."
Full-Time MBA 2020-21
Jayshan Ratnakumar, Full-Time MBA 2020-21