Student clubs

A big part of your MBA experience will be about your experience outside of the classroom. The networks that you form with other Business School students, students from across the college, and corporate connections, will set you up for success after graduation, both personally and professionally. Imperial is the ideal place to build your network, and there are a huge number of opportunities to get involved with.

Business School clubs

The Business School supports a number of student-led career clubs, regional clubs and enterprise clubs that bring together MBA and MSc students with similar areas of career interest. The clubs run a number of events throughout the year that give you the opportunity to:

  • Meet other Business School students with similar interests
  • Learn from and network with alumni and other professionals
  • Build links with relevant employers in the sector
  • Learn more about roles available and the skills needed in the industry

Companies that have presented at career clubs events recently include McKinsey, Deloitte, Microsoft, IDEA Pharma, Uber, Johnson & Johnson, SoundCloud and Google.

The Business School clubs include:

Designed to provide career resources and networking opportunities for students who are interested in business topics and career opportunities in Africa. The Africa Business Club’s mission is to foster collaboration between the business school’s academic network, the African business community, political leadership and international African development enthusiasts towards the advancement of Africa’s commercial and socioeconomic prospects.

I am extremely passionate about Africa's growth. For this reason I spent my first few months at Imperial College Business School trying to figure out how all the knowledge and innovation could be translated into actionable solutions for Africa. This led to the creation of the Africa Business club.

Jubril Adebowale (Debo) OdulanaMSc International Health Management 2015-16

Designed to provide career resources and networking opportunities for students who are interested in business topics and career opportunities in Asia. It aims to increase awareness of current political, economic and social issues affecting business in Asia, equip students with a better understanding of the culture, customs, and business practices in Asia and promote career opportunities in Asia.

As Vice President of Asia Business club my goal is to build a community to connect the East and the West and bring the most brilliant business insights on Asia to the members of our club. By organising forums, panel discussions and business competitions, we are making great effort to provide the best resources to all members.

Yuchao ZhenFull-Time MBA 2016-2017

The Consulting Club is one of the largest and most active clubs on campus, with over 200+ members.  We’re a diverse group of MBA & MSc students with experience, education or interest in various sectors and industries, all of whom are interested in consulting. Our Mission is to establish and maintain lasting, impactful relationships with consulting firms/alumni working in consulting and to promote interest of Imperial College Business School students (MBA & MSc) in the consulting industry by connecting them with firms, external speakers, alumni & supporting them through the recruitment process

I am President of the Consulting club, which has given me access to a lot of senior people in consulting.

Michael RogersonFull-Time MBA 2015-16

The aim of the Energy club is to provide students with insights into one of the most important and topical challenges that society and businesses currently face. With a focus on Renewable Energy, New Energy Technologies as well as conventional Oil & Gas, the club’s goal is to arrange events, talks, networking sessions and workshops for students interested to find out more about the future of energy or those considering a career in the sector. The club is led by a diverse committee with vast experience in the Energy sector itself, Banking & Healthcare.

Imperial’s Energy Club has hosted events ranging from cleantech start-ups, to nuclear power generators, to oil and gas supermajors. We’ve heard from senior figures across the energy industry, gained insight into the sector’s key challenges and developments, grown networks, established career opportunities, and had a lot of fun along the way!

James RobertsonFull-Time MBA 2016-2017

The Entrepreneurship club exists as an initiative to promote the skills of the Business School throughout the Imperial College start-up community and beyond, and to facilitate idea and enterprise co-creation.

The goal of the Entrepreneurship Club this year was to re-create the start-up journey of a company – from concept to team building to launching to scaling – through a series of speaker events, workshops, and get togethers. Entrepreneurship is a core theme at the Business School and there have been amazing opportunities to connect to the wider thriving start-up community in London. Entrepreneurship is both extremely scary and exciting, so it’s important for the Entrepreneurship Club to foster a positive attitude and network.

Suresh JonesFull-Time MBA 2016-2017

The key objective of the India Business club is to provide a professional networking platform to share insights and advocacy among the UK-India community to make the most of every opportunity in India. Students have the opportunity to interact with key industry leaders operating in the UK-India market, through a number of keynote events and networking opportunities. These events range from guest speakers, panel discussions, recruitment presentations, information sessions, skills workshops and consultancy projects.

Designed to connect, inspire and develop the knowledge of the family business community at Imperial College. The Family Business club strives to provide opportunities for students looking to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of family run businesses.

I am the MBA President for the Family Business Club at Imperial College Business School. Having a family business background and being a 2nd Generation member I was really passionate about the dynamics that exist within family businesses. As part of the team we have now successfully hosted two on campus events and participated in some of the leading family business forums here at London. These events have resulted in very good connections with other like-minded students as well as leading professionals from other family businesses.

Anish AgarwalFull Time MBA 2016-2017

The new Finance Club offers a valuable network, into the city and abroad, to increase students’ employability and experience. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Capital Markets, Asset Management and FinTech can gain in-depth knowledge and connect to professionals from the industry in workshops, competitions and intimate networking events.

The FMCG, Luxury Goods and Retail club provides a platform for students to raise commercial awareness across industries, build closer relationships with industry experts and generate a better understanding of all three sectors.  This will be carried out through events, such as key speakers, industry panel discussions and networking opportunities.  In addition, the club provides an engaging environment for members to share goals, interests and news via club socials, digital communication channels and peer to peer activity.

Our mission is to connect the business school community with the Latin American region by creating a space to inform about opportunities and market insights of the region and to develop a network with important business leaders not only from our LatAm alumni community but also from other backgrounds and organisations. Furthermore, we also aim to increase Imperial College Business School’s brand awareness in Latin America and to create a great LatAm community in the Business School in order to promote and share our culture and traditions.

At the North America Business Club, our mission is to create a connected, collaborative community for Imperial College Business School students, who share interests in working in the United States/Canada or joining American/Canadian companies around the world, to interact with and learn from one another while building a strong strategic network.

Aims to be the tech and media hub at ICBS offering students interested in pursuing a career in tech or media a platform to network professionally, discover opportunities across the board, learn about exciting new developments, events, in-demand skills or entrepreneurial insights, and a place to hang out with people interested in tech and media. We also hope to be the one stop shop for anyone at Imperial who wants to be in touch with all the latest happenings in the tech and media world.

Being the President of Consulting Club played a major role in getting my job and provided me with the opportunity to network and connect with people working in consulting.

Vineet HarshFull-Time MBA 2017-18

We also support the activities of the following Imperial College Student Union Societies which Business School students are actively involved in:

  • Energy Society
  • Imperial College Finance Society
  • International Public Health Society
  • Imperial College Women In Business Society

Student clubs

Imperial College Union supports a varied range of activities; whether you’re interested in doing some volunteering within the community, competing against other universities at sport, or raising some money for charity, we’ve got something for you. You can find an A-Z of activities available here.

With over 340 different Clubs, Societies & Projects to choose from, there is something for everyone.

MBA students taking part in Imperial Girls Can – a full week of activities open to the whole Imperial community to encourage you to take up a new sport or just try something new.

*Business School clubs have a membership fee of £20 per club per year.