Idan Mizrahi

Choosing the Imperial MBA

Before arriving in London for the MBA, I spent 9 years as an aerospace engineer and manager for Israel’s second largest defence contractor. I decided the time was right to study an MBA because I wanted to enhance both my business knowledge and my networking skills.

Imperial College Business School was the right fit for what I was looking for in an MBA because of the location in central London, the one year programme and the strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovative thinking

My key takeaway from the programme so far is how to create a sustainable and responsible business while constantly trying to innovate. Personally, my favourite aspects of the programme have been the Imperial Innovation Challenge, the Design Thinking and Innovative Problem Solving module, and various entrepreneurship events across the campus. These experiences strongly enhanced my innovative thinking and equipped me with the skills necessary to take an idea and develop it into a solid business plan.

A highly international community

Working in teams is a major part of the program, starting with the syndicate team and going forward with many other diverse teams. These experiences have been both very challenging and fruitful. The cohort is extremely diverse both in terms of nationality and experience and there is also an impressively high female ratio in my class.

Group projects are the best way to enhance your leadership skills, by exposing you to so many different cultures and opinions. I know I am going to keep in touch with the network I’ve built during my time at the Business School, so we can continue helping each other wherever we may be.

The programme is full of networking events taking place on campus and at many different companies across London. These events are a great opportunity to meet other people and expand your professional networks outside of your Full-Time MBA community. You get to meet a lot of very friendly and collaborative people who are always willing to help.

Inspiring education

The Business School faculty are world-class educators and researchers. My favourite module so far has actually been Corporate Finance and this can be attributed to the brilliant professor Franklin Allen.

As well as the highly impressive faculty, we have also had key figures from industry come into the classroom to teach us. Facebook’s CTO, Mike Schoepfer, delivered a very insightful guest lecture and IDEO’s CEO, Tim Brown, also came into the Business School to discuss design thinking in a very interesting and inspiring conversation with Dr Ileana Stigliana, Assistant Professor of Design and Innovation.

A strong emphasis on career services

I can see myself using the business knowledge gathered through my MBA on a daily basis once I’ve graduated. In the near future I want to join a leading global technology firm and I have actually been fortunate enough to work on an individual consulting project with Microsoft as part of the MBA programme. This opportunity came through the help of the Career and Professional Development Service. I work on a project called Cities Unlocked, a multi-partner initiative that focuses on delivering innovative technologies to assist visually impaired individuals with their journeys through the city.

There’s a strong emphasis on career services from day one of the programme. You’re assigned a personal adviser who helps you to better understand your strengths and find a suitable position. Their help in reviewing job applications and conducting mock interviews is priceless.

Having the Imperial brand on your CV helps a lot. The institution is highly valued and you can find numerous Imperial alumni in key positions in industry. Doing a group consulting project with Cisco and a personal consulting project with Microsoft is a great proof of the efficiency of Imperial’s network.

From Israel to London

I live in Hampstead, in North West London, which is a beautiful and quiet neighbourhood close to Hampstead Heath (for jogging) and Camden Town (for partying). It takes about 40 minutes on the tube to get to the Business School.

My favourite thing about living in London can be summed up in one word: variety. There is simply something for everyone. Coming from a warm country, the weather was one of my biggest fears but I find it very nice after all.

I moved to London with my girlfriend and we have both had great experiences here. London offers you so many opportunities to meet new people and enhance your international outlook. Advice: if your partner is moving with you and intending to work in London, start searching for a job at least one month before moving.

My advice to prospective students?

Do a lot of research! Come to London and visit the school, connect with the Recruitment team who can help you to view a lecture online or on campus, do some research on the teaching professors and talk to students and alumni.

Nationality: Israeli

Undergraduate education: BSc in Aerospace Engineering fromTechnion – Israel Institute of Technology

MSc in Aerospace Engineering from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Aerodynamic Design Manager, (High Technology Company)

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