Tuition fees and what they cover

The fees for the Global Online MBA are the same for both UK and international students. 

Administrative label
GMBA - Fee and deposit

Fee: £45,700 

Deposit: £2,285 

Payment options

The tuition fees are split equally between the two years of the programme.

You can pay your tuition fees in one instalment per year when the programme starts or, if you are self-funding, in two instalments as set in a Regulated Credit Agreement.

If you pay in two instalments, a 1% facility fee of the total amount will be added to your first instalment. To request to pay in instalments and receive a Regulated Credit Agreement please contact after you have received your full tuition invoice.


If you’re made an offer for a place on the programme, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the first year’s fee to secure your place. This is part of the total fees and not an additional cost.

The tuition fees team will email your deposit invoice within five working days of you accepting your offer. This will then need to be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Your offer may be withdrawn if you fail to pay the deposit on time. Apart from in certain circumstances, deposits are not refundable if you fail to take up your place in the programme. You can find out if you qualify for a refund and the process for requesting a refund on the College’s postgraduate deposit information page.

What your fees cover

  • Tuition for the duration of the programme (21, 24 or 32 months)
  • Online study materials

What your fees do not cover

  • Cost of accommodation and living expenses in London
  • Costs incurred as part of optional internships or exchanges
  • Costs incurred for Global Experience Week or IB Glocal electives
  • Supplementary texts and study materials
  • If you join one of our Career Clubs there will be a membership fee of £20 per club for the year

Approximate costs

  • Global Experience Week: £2000 - £2400 tuition and accommodation costs. Flights, meals and other expenses are an additional cost and vary dependent on student location
  • International exchanges and IB Glocal electives: Flights, meals and other expenses are an additional cost and vary dependent on student location