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Welcome to The Hub, Imperial College Business School’s purpose-built virtual learning platform. Developed by our award-winning Edtech Lab, The Hub has been designed to provide a superior learning experience and enables greater flexibility to keep us connected at all times regardless of location.

The Hub technology is simple to use, delivers all programme materials, gives you the power to track course progress in real time and connects you to students, tutors and the greater Imperial community.

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Our team has overseen a substantial increase in the use of educational technology at the School. We launched our Global Online MBA programme in 2015 and have received awards along the way including a Gold award at the IMS Learning Impact awards in 2010 and an Effective Practice Award at the Sloan-C Blended Learning Conference in 2011.
Dr David Lefevre
Director of the Edtech Lab
David Lefevre

Key features to explore

  • About the programme – provides video content with our students and faculty on how they use The Hub

  • Taster Modules – provides access to three bespoke taster sessions on Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship and Managerial Economics

  • Imperial community – view posts and forums and partake in the interactive elements of the sessions