Jean-Michel Gauthier, GMBA 2018

Programme: Global Online MBA 2018

Nationality: UK, British

Undergraduate education: Master of Pharmacy (MRPharmS), Kings College London

Current job: CEO & Cofounder, Oliv

Global Online MBA 2018

Your time at Imperial College Business School

Why did you choose to study your programme and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?  

I was looking for an MBA available from a global top tier university, with a modern and flexible schedule that I could complete from my base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Global Online MBA at Imperial College Business School fit my criteria perfectly, as it allowed me to continue working long hours during the week and get my studying done during the evenings and weekends.

What was the most important learning point you took with you from the Business School?

The core modules taught in the MBA are excellent. They are delivered by a world-class team of academics and practitioners who, through their networks and professional engagements are personally close to current events and who enrich the programme content with topical examples and case studies.  

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering studying the same programme as you?

I would encourage any professional or entrepreneur who is looking to consolidate their practical business experience with a well-structured and comprehensive MBA to consider the Global Online MBA at Imperial. Once on the programme, you’ll extract most value by actively participating in the range of interactive activities and collaborating as much as possible with your fellow cohort members.  

Tell us about your current job

How were you hoping the programme would help your career trajectory?
I am currently running an investor-backed tech startup ( and I pursued the Global Online MBA in order to compound my practical experience with theoretical knowledge and interesting parallels from other industries. The programme has helped me grow in my current role and has better prepared me for my future entrepreneurial endeavours.

How do you plan to use the skills and knowledge you gained during the programme going forward?

Aside from various day to day applications of knowledge and skills I picked up on the Global Online MBA, I am currently steering the company through a phase of growth in new markets. My final year project was to design an international expansion playbook for the company, encompassing learnings from almost all the modules I was taught, and this is currently being used as the company’s strategy guide for the new market entries.

What do you enjoy most about your current work and what are the main challenges that you face?

I enjoy the agility required to run and grow a tech startup – having a hand in all aspects of the business, from sales to marketing, product and operations. The primary challenge facing us at the moment is building a platform adaptable enough to meet the specific, local needs of very different markets.


Alumni community

In what way is remaining connected to your alumni network important to you?

Imperial is known for having one of the best alumni networks worldwide. Being part of such a well established and well-reputed alumni network is important for business development opportunities and my onward career goals.

Is the Global Online MBA right for you?

Programme: Global Online MBA 2018

Nationality: UK, British

Undergraduate education: Master of Pharmacy (MRPharmS), Kings College London

Current job: CEO & Cofounder, Oliv