Ghada Abuali

Programme: Global Online MBA

Nationality: Saudi, Saudi Arabian

Undergraduate education: PhD Clinical Scientific Research

Global Online MBA 2017-19

Choosing Imperial and the Global Online MBA

Choosing to do the Global Online MBA was a self-development move to broaden my knowledge and develop new skills in new business areas. Also, it was an initiative taken towards career progression and acceleration. Combining a clinical research background with the commercial and business management knowledge the Global Online MBA offers will provide me with a unique set of skills that will unlock future career opportunities and enable me to look at the bigger picture in a wider business context. I chose to study this programme online because I wanted the flexibility to manage my own time and simultaneously progress my professional career.

I am a returning student to Imperial. I did my PhD at Imperial a few years ago and I loved the time I spent here as a student. I witnessed students receiving excellent support and the positive culture I personally experienced made Imperial my first choice. In contrast to other online programmes from other schools, the content at Imperial looked very exciting and interactive. I know the progressive nature of Imperial in terms of leveraging the latest technologies and due to the established name of Imperial, it was an obvious choice.


Global Online MBA experiences so far

In addition to the theories and their applications in the offered courses, I also learnt very important things about myself; my strengths and weaknesses, the leadership qualities I have and those I would like to develop. Some of the modules forced me to take a closer look at myself in the mirror which was not always very comfortable but proved to be incredibly rewarding.

What makes the Global Online MBA unique?

Even though it is a fully online programme, the amount of group work and exercises, the live lectures and the brilliant academic and technical help makes it feel like a full-time programme where everyone is available almost all the time. I’ve never felt like I’ve been left alone. Also, the entire programme content is available to me wherever I am and whenever I want to access it.


Juggling the work-life balance

It is not easy but the constant rush can also be enjoyable. I continuously feel I have this very special and important cause I am working towards in the background of everything else that takes place in my life. Finding time to go to the gym has been tricky but commitment is the key.


Flexible online studying through The Hub

My daily job requires me to travel most of the time. If it wasn’t for the flexible format of the online programme, I wouldn’t have been able to work and study at the same time.

Having easy access to current and completed modules has been very useful. I often make use of the option to download materials to my laptop so they can be accessible when I am offline (on planes or trains). It is easy to manage one’s progress and stay in touch with the rest of the cohort.


Tips and advice for prospective students

Try to enjoy this amazing roller-coaster ride as much as you can. It suddenly passes by so quickly. I look back at moments when I had to rush things or when I didn’t have the time to reflect on the material as much as I would have liked to. I wish I made the time to enjoy it more.

Programme: Global Online MBA

Nationality: Saudi, Saudi Arabian

Undergraduate education: PhD Clinical Scientific Research