Glen Menezes
Global Online MBA 2017-19

Choosing Imperial and the Global Online MBA

Having worked in the marketing industry for the last twelve years I have seen a gradual reduction in the profitability of the industry. I have heard lots of discussions about what is driving this and how it can be combated. I wanted to help drive the changes needed to make the industry healthy again and saw an Imperial MBA as a tool for giving me the skills needed to help.

In my roles, I often spend significant amounts of time travelling and therefore, a traditional MBA would not fit with my lifestyle. The Global Online MBA gives me the ability to study during my commute, on flights and attend lectures while abroad.

Imperial is such a strong name in business and innovation. Few universities have as strong a reputation as Imperial and I was not able to find a competitor programme that offered a true MBA experience via an online platform.


Global Online MBA experiences so far

The on campus induction week was a fantastic immersive orientation and bonding experience. From the start I know that I have made some great friends and colleagues for life.

There is no doubt that the programme is very time consuming. Having had the opportunity to work alongside colleagues studying on the Executive, Full-Time and Weekend programmes, it is evident that the online programme requires the most discipline in time management and self-motivation. But this just adds to the skills that the programme helps you develop.

The Global Online MBA and career development

Since starting the Global Online MBA, I have had the opportunity to talk to many industry leaders about my thoughts on the commoditisation of the marketing industry. While I haven’t changed the world yet, the conversations are opening doors to new career opportunities.


Favourite places to study

My current commute allows me to get an hour of study while travelling on the tube to and from work. By downloading the material before I leave the house I am able to make the best possible use of what would otherwise be dead time.

Global Online MBA
United Kingdom
Undergraduate education :

University of Southampton, BS Mathematics

Current role :

Financial Director, Marketing and Media