I had worked for eight years as an Electrical Engineer in the nuclear and renewable energy sector in South Africa, followed by 3 years in the mining sector as an energy specialist.


What professional experience did you have before starting the Global Online MBA?

I had worked for eight years as an Electrical Engineer in the nuclear and renewable energy sector in South Africa, followed by 3 years in the mining sector as an energy specialist.

Tell us about your greatest professional and personal achievements.

Implementing a first of its kind, cross-border, five-party power supply agreement which has reduced energy costs for a mining operation by more than 40%, and obtaining my Professional Engineering registration in South Africa.

What motivated you to study an online MBA and why at Imperial College Business School?

Taking time out to do a full-time MBA was not an option. I was drawn to Imperial College’s reputation in engineering and technology and the focus of the Global MBA programme on innovation and design.


What makes the Global Online MBA and the Imperial Business School experience unique?

The programme brings together a globally diverse cohort and despite being an online programme has provided an interactive learning experience. The Hub learning platform and online content have been pivotal elements of the whole experience.

What has been the most challenging part of the programme?

Co-ordinating group work sessions across time zones was complicated at times. Keeping up with assignments and balancing work commitments was definitely the most challenging aspect.

What aspects of the programme have been the most rewarding?

The enthusiasm and knowledge of the academic and support staff, the lively Hub discussion posts and challenging my comfort zone.


How do you balance study with your other commitments?

The programme is quite demanding on top of work and personal commitments and requires a high level of self-motivation and prioritisation.

Where are your top places to study?

Home, library, airports and on planes. Anywhere with Wi-Fi.

What are the best aspects of the flexible format and the online study experience?

Being able to download the videos to my iPad allows me to catch up on the go – especially the live sessions which I often watch while travelling. Being able to play back the video or read through the transcript is an added benefit to assist learning.

Staying connected

How does The Hub online learning environment keep you connected to your Global Online MBA network?

The Hub displays other students that are logged on which is useful for having an instant chat with someone. Also the numerous course discussion posts makes for an interactive experience.

How would you describe your cohort at Imperial?

They’re super-smart, supportive, easy-going and committed.


What opportunities has the Global Online MBA offered you in terms of forming an Imperial network?

There are a number of opportunities through the Alumni network such as through LinkedIn, local Alumni networking events and also the Interview a Leader assignment. Meeting up with local alumni and current students on a study tour in Cape Town was a highlight.

How have you benefited from the Career and Professional Development Service?

I have benefited from detailed reviews of my CV, career planning guidance and advice related to the selection of my electives and final project.

What are your career goals and how have they been realised since starting the Global Online MBA?

The MBA has helped me make the transition from a technical role into one where I can apply my technical knowledge together with financial analysis, commercial negotiations and business development.


What advice would you give someone who was thinking about applying to this programme?

Apply now! Careful forwarding planning of your commitments and time prior to starting the programme will make the transition easier and minimise personal sacrifices over the two years.

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Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Engineer :

Control & Instrumentation at PBMR