Cameron Snow

Why did you decide to study your programme?

I decided to do an MBA because of the opportunities that it opens up, both the opportunity to expand within my current company and organisation, and also the opportunity to potentially change sectors.

Why did you choose Imperial over other online MBA’s?

First of all, Imperial has a great reputation and secondly, because there’s the brick and mortar brand behind Imperial. You see a lot of online MBA programmes right now and for me it was very important to have the full backing of a historical university. Thirdly, the Global Online MBA seems to be focussed on the technology platform and delivering a traditional education experience via a new media.

How have you found the e-learning platform, The Hub?

It’s a very simple to use platform. I have used other platforms previously that I found difficult, a little cumbersome. The Hub is very streamlined; it’s easy to find materials and easy to work through the modules, so it’s been a very positive experience so far.

What networking opportunities does your programme offer?

The networking opportunities were actually one of my big concerns about the online programme. However, the on-campus induction week has been a great opportunity to meet the others on the programme. I’ve met a number of people in my industry and people that are in adjacent industries, some of the contacts are already paying off. It was also great to see the diversity – I had no idea there would be people from 40 different countries.

How do you think having the Imperial Global Online MBA will impact your future career?

Having the Imperial name on my CV is a stamp of approval. It’s another sign of recognition that I’ve accomplished something.

Cameron Snow

Cameron Snow

Nationality: American
Pre-MBA sector: Energy