Khilona Radia


Tell us about your background.

Before moving back to South Africa, I lived in London for around 10 years and had long harboured ambitions to undertake an MBA. Initially, I explored options at both Imperial College Business School and London Business School – securing a fellowship offer from the latter. However, it was around that time a unique business opportunity arose in my native South Africa around social healthcare innovations, and so I moved back there to set up a company, putting my MBA plans on ice. Around two years ago, I heard about Imperial’s new Global Online MBA, and was hopeful that I’d finally found an executive education programme to suit my needs and lifestyle.

Why did you choose to study at Imperial College Business School?

I was already running a start-up, a real life MBA if you will, but I needed more – something different, something unique that would give me the edge. Imperial College fit the bill with its strong research, innovation and entrepreneurship focus.


What are the best aspects of the flexible format?

I can sit in the car park while I’m waiting for my kids to finish some extracurricular activity and I can work through a session. And I am able to join in on some lectures on campus and take advantage of interacting face-to-face with our cohort. The Global Online MBA ticks all the boxes really – it works with my start-up, it works with my personal life – it just works!

How have you found the e-learning platform, The Hub?

In a lively lecture you get the benefits of interaction, yet you may not gain a full understanding. Whereas if you’ve missed a point in an online session, you can go back and read the explanation again or listen to the lecture again, and that’s really beneficial.


What has been the most rewarding part of the programme?

What I enjoy the most is that it’s almost an instantaneous application. So I might learn about corporate finance and valuation, and I will almost immediately practice it in the real world. And in that sense, your learning becomes far deeper, beyond just the written and theoretical components, you really absorb it.

Khilona Radia

Nationality: South African

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Director at iGrowth International Business Consultants