Pedro Lopes


Tell us about your professional experience before commencing your Global Online MBA?

I had a decade of directly impacting my company and helping it become one of the world’s leading players in the bioeconomy. Arizona Chemical is a biorefinery and upgrader of pine-tree chemicals, operating in the B2B space and with revenues of one billion US dollars – a top-line reached through a focus on market-orientation – and 100% non-government subsidized. The company is a true market player that provides scale, performance and functionality to credibly replace fossil-derived materials and does so with a unique sustainability and environmental footprint!

What are your proudest achievements?

Personal: becoming a proud dad! Academic: the 2015 Imperial College Dean’s Community Award for Leadership and Sustainable Business Thinking.


Why did you decide to study an online MBA and why at Imperial College Business School?

I chose the Global Online MBA because of the high opportunity cost of a full time programme, and Imperial due to the institution’s credibility, brand equity and prestige. The appeal of the programme came down to the triple accreditation, and the quality of the faculty and the student body.

What makes the Global Online MBA and the Imperial College Business School experience special?

My cohort is comprised of a group of students who are truly talented! The learning that comes from syndicate work cannot be overstated: I have learned tremendously from my fellow students. The Imperial College experience is unique due to the relentless efforts from the Programme Team and the excellent Hub online learning platform.

Of course, my on-site experiences have been very special since the campus is located in such a fantastic area of London.

What has challenged you most about the programme?

As expected, managing an MBA – even one based on asynchronous learning – with a full time job is challenging. Managing on top of this the birth of a child, an intercontinental relocation and two job promotions truly tests one’s ability to prioritize and structure study time. But that is in itself a fantastic learning experience.

And what have you found most rewarding?

The possibility to apply in real time the content of the core programme and electives to my day-to-day professional life. And of course, taking such an exciting journey together with a group of such talented and professional colleagues!

In what ways have you benefited from the Career and Professional Development Service?

They have offered excellent advice and have been a sounding-board, providing context and perspective to my plans for future career progression.


Tell us how you balance study with your other commitments?

Planning and lots of prioritisation.

What are the best aspects of the flexible format and online study experience?

The ability to make my own study time in light of a busy travel schedule.


How would you describe your Global Online MBA cohort?

Professional. Talented. Fun. Amazing Potential. Tomorrow’s Leaders!


How has studying the MBA helped you at your work?

It has expanded the breadth of my competencies, especially in terms of using strategic frameworks.


What advice would you give someone who was thinking about applying to this programme?

Do it. Don’t wait as the time will never be just right. Do it now.

Global Online MBA student Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes

Nationality: Portuguese

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Global Segment Leader at Arizona Chemical