Final Project

Final project (optional)

This module allows you to put the theory taught on the MBA into practice. You’ll develop specialised expertise by researching a real business issue and influence real commercial outcomes, if your recommendations are implemented by a sponsoring organisation.

This project can be selected as an elective module as part of the Global Online MBA experience. It requires you to submit a report of up to 15,000 words for assessment. Your report must have a critical, evaluative or analytical element, and add value by creating something new in terms of method, application, ideas and knowledge.

Projects range from consultancy assignments to theoretical analyses, and are often sponsored by companies. You may choose to do your project with your own organisation. With the flexibility of options offered this project is a great way for you to link this project to your career objectives.

The project is completed through the summer period.

You will:

  • Understand a specific aspect of management, industry or the economy in depth
  • Develop technical expertise in, for example, financial analysis, mathematical modelling, information technology or forecasting
  • Understand and carry out high-level research, gaining familiarity with sources and how to use data, as well as the ability to evaluate and synthesise existing literature and present findings accurately, clearly and concisely
  • Influence real commercial outcomes through the implementation of your recommendations by your sponsoring organisation.

I’m a mother of three, a wife and a full-time ophthalmologist so time is very essential to me. With the Global Online MBA I’m able to juggle between social life, work and also the MBA course. The Imperial Global Online MBA is very well thought out and has a good reputation.
Nationality: Chinese

Barbara TamGlobal Online MBA: Class of 2016-18

Past Projects

A selection of past projects is listed below:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers – ‘Outperformance in M&A deals’
  • Psion plc – ‘Can Psion reshape the business model of the music industry?’
  • NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency – ‘Maximising the utility of business information systems in NETMA’
  • Arthur D Little – ‘The impact of e-business on the upstream oil industry’
  • The National Criminal Intelligence Service – ‘Measuring intelligence: an examination of performance measures’
  • BP – ‘The BP social investment strategy for China’
  • BTG plc – ‘Technology roadmaps and strategic assessment of an early-stage biomedical technology’
  • US Navy – ‘An analysis of women junior officer retention in the US Navy’
  • Business Intelligence – ‘The development of a website evaluation tool to assess websites’ ability to serve customers well on the internet’
  • The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology – ‘The business case for commercialisation of antibody-based drugs’
  • Microsoft – ‘How to play; where to play – Microsoft and the mobile internet consumer market’
  • UBS Warburg – ‘Business-to-business electronic marketplace in China – the Chinese path to collaborative commerce’
  • BAE Systems – ‘Learning in a complex environment’
  • Ernst & Young Corporate Finance – ‘Leadership in the digital age: will e-world success demand a different executive profile?’
  • Proctor and Gamble – ‘A customer-focussed strategy for – an internet site for Saudi teens’
  • BT – ‘New market spaces in the mobile internet: a customer-focussed strategy for British Telecommunications plc’
  • Singapore Trade Development Board – ‘Developing a business and marketing strategy for the International Trade Institute of Singapore’

Other project partners include: Glaxo Wellcome; EMC Saatchi; Goldman Sachs; QSP; Financial Times; Lloyds TSB; Asda; BUPA; Covidien; TATA; Jaguar Land Rover; Rolls-Royce; Royal Bank of Scotland; Clarke Energy Ltd; Ian Jones & Partners; Halcyon Days; Vernalis; Pivotal Corporation; PA Consulting.