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How the overall grade is calculated

Your final grade for the Executive MBA is calculated from the grades achieved for individual components of the programme as follows:

How individual components are assessed

Core modules

There are six core modules taken in the first year. Assessment for these modules is a combination of written exams and individual and/or group coursework.


In the second year, you can tailor the MBA to your own particular needs by choosing five of the available electives.
Some electives are assessed by individual coursework only and others by individual and group coursework. 

International residencies modules

These modules take place at the end of your first year and during the middle of your second year. Both will involve placement at a leading international business school, with the first in Europe and the second in China. These modules will expose you to two of the most important economies in the world, outside of our base in London.

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The Executive MBA gave me the flexibility to study, whilst working, at a world-renowned global university.
Vipul Patel
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Vipul Patel