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The World is Your Oyster!

Imperial College Business School is a global school and as such students will go into careers all across the globe. So, do you fancy being a media relations specialist in Moscow? Or how about working in financial regulation in Shanghai? To find out more about working in another country:

  • Go to Going Global and read more about employment trends, job search resources and visa information in different countries
  • Speak to fellow students that come from those countries; what do they say about recruitment and opportunities there?
  • Connect with alumni through the regional alumni contacts
  • Look at the Prospects Guide to Working Abroad
  • Visit GradLinkUK if you are looking to return to China, India or Malaysia to work
  • Book a one-to-one with our Information Manager to research working in different countries

Visit our Alumni page for information on international contacts.  We have a range of different alumni regional contacts who can be a useful information source if you want to find out about working in a different country.